Scottish woman wins £37,000 after boss ridiculed her menopause

scottish woman wins £37,000 after boss ridiculed her menopause

scottish woman wins £37,000 after boss ridiculed her menopause

A woman from Scotland, the second-largest country in the United Kingdom, has won more than 37,000 pounds in compensation from her employer. In a huge victory for women rights, Karen Farquharson, a Scottish woman, won a case against her employer after facing harassment at the workplace.

Karen Farquharson’s boss Jim Clark ridiculed her for menopause. She faced unfair dismissal and harassment at the workplace due to menopause.

Jim Clark, the managing director of Thistle Marine, said that Karen Farquharson had used menopause as an “excuse for everything.” The boss also dismissed her medical problem. 

How did she win 37,000 pounds in compensation?

Karen Farquharson, a 49 year old woman, sued the engineering firm Thistle Marine for unfair dismissal and harassment. Karen Farquharson, a menopausal woman, described her 72-year-old boss as a “dinosaur” because he cannot move with time.

Karen Farquharson worked at Thistle Marine since 1995. She worked there for 27 years. She was earning 38,000 pounds before she left the company. 

Karen Farquharson has won £37,000 in compensation. Her victory is important for all women across the United Kingdom. 

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Boss ridiculed Karen Farquharson for menopause

In 2021, Karen Farquharson told her boss about her menopause symptoms. She was unable to work because of anxiety and brain fog. However, her boss did not take her seriously. 

Last year in December, Karen Farquharson worked from home for two days because of her menopausal heavy bleeding. Clark gave her a “disgusted look” for working from home and arriving late at the office. He also called sick employees “snowflakes.” He also dismissed her menopausal symptoms, and said everybody has “pains.”

Karen Farquharson faced humiliation at the office. Subsequently, she decided to confront Clark. Karen Farquharson sued the company, demanding compensation.

Victory to women’s rights

An employment tribunal heard her case. An employment tribunal said that Karen Farquharson resigned from the engineering firm due to stress. The tribunal in Aberdeen asked Clark to give Karen Farquharson £37,000 in compensation. 

The panel said, “His remarks to Farquharson violated her dignity.”

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