Central provisions of labor bill don’t get nod from Athens Bar Association

athens bars association

athens bars association

 The Athens Bar Association is not in agreement with the direction of central provisions of labor bill. The disagreement is related in particular to “dismissals, the strengthening of the individual negotiation for the elaboration of labor, the abolition of the fixed 8-hour series and the extension sectors of permitted Sunday work, the reduction and undermining of collective labor rights (collective bargaining and the right to strike), the protection of trade union action, the reduction of the cost of additional work and the arrangement of working time by individual employer-employee agreement.”

The association acknowledged that provisions are moving in right direction in relation to abolishing worker-employee discrimination, control of overtime work, the “right of disconnection” in telework, the provision to report issues of violence and harassment at work and the compromise between family life and work (paternity leave, caregiver leave, extension of maternity leave. digital card, etc.). The experts however, point out that mentioned regulations can’t ignore the law that is highly detrimental to the employee and that it deregulates labor relations.

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The bar association further underlines that that current protection against invalid dismissal of labor abuse is also dismissed under the new labor laws. The provisions of the draft law reinforce the inequality of the parties which are detrimental to the employee amid slow judicial system. This further increases the procedural difficulties of the employee.

In this light, the Athens Bar Association has called on the government not to push for the vote on new labor bill and also has urged Parliament not to vote on bill. This is to enable there is sufficient time and a meaningful dialogue over the issue.

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