Best Workplace Trend Heading Into 2024: The Robots Are Invading

best workplace trend heading into 2024 the robots are invading

best workplace trend heading into 2024 the robots are invading

Various workplace trends became famous in 2023. The workplace trends helped workers to achieve work-life balance. Experts started making predictions about what workers can expect in terms of workplace trends in 2024. 

The robots are invading the workplace. The hottest workplace topic for 2024 will be AI and robots. Will AI revolutionize how we work in 2024? Experts suggest that AI will play a significant role in shaping the workplace in 2024.

Robots are invading

In 2024, robots will be seen at the workplace. They are invading the workplace. According to the 2023 AI Employment Impact Report, AI snatched up over five jobs in 2023: copywriter, voice actor, translator, police officer and customer service worker. 

The 2023 AI Employment Impact Report predicted that coders, paralegal, therapist, designer, telemarketer, retail assistant and news reporter may lose their job to AI robots.

Aaron Case, CPRW & CV expert at CV Genius said, “AI can reduce the number of roles available for people.”

Eva Majercsik, the chief people officer at Genesys, said that new roles would be formed in the coming years because of AI. The Chief AI Officer (CAIO) will look at the latest AI technology and Chief Experience Officer (CExO) will become the CEO’s right-hand to bridge the gap between any department that works in the customer and employee experience.

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AI to take interview

AI will also help companies with the interview process. SHL’s CHRO Teri Ellison told Forbes, “We will soon all be using AI to ease the hiring process and automate regular HR tasks.”

Human resource team can analyze data of each employee, such as their skills and preferences. AI can be used to improve recruiting, performance reviews, employee onboarding/offboarding processes, and employee engagement. 

It is important to note that 44% of HR managers say that AI will make hiring decisions for employees in the future, but 35% say it has made wrong hiring decisions in the past.

Intelligent applications comprise various AI-based services that respond to questions easily. Companies can upskill their workers with the help of AI. 

Nearly half of workers in the United Kingdom use technology at least once a week to free up more time away from work. It gives them quality work in fewer hours, leading to work-life balance. 

Recently, Amazon, an American multinational technology company, started trialing humanoid robots in its United States warehouses in order to boost operations. Amazon bought robots into warehouses in order to reduce the processing time of orders by as much as 25 per cent. Amazon started experimenting with a humanoid robot as it sought to automate its warehouses and operations.

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