Bleisure and Workation: Workers adopting trends for work-life balance

bleisure and workation workers adopting trends for work life balance

bleisure and workation workers adopting trends for work life balance

Do you know that employees across the world are adopting new trends for work-life balance? ‘Bleisure’ and ‘Workation’ are the new trends adopted by workers for a healthy work-life balance. Bleisure travel and workation are gaining popularity in the workplace. From work-life balance to better productivity, these trends will benefit both employees and employers. So, what is ‘Bleisure’ and ‘Workation’? How can these trends benefit workers?

What is ‘Bleisure’?

‘Bleisure’ is a term to describe business and leisure. When workers combine business and leisure, it is called ‘Bleisure’. In this trend, employees blend business travel with leisure time. These trends benefit both employees and businesses. Business travelers often extend their trip to enjoy leisure activities. After work, the employees participate in various activities such as hiking, visiting entertainment venues, or attending fun events.

What is ‘Workation’? 

 ‘Workation’ is a term used to describe combining work with leisure. People go on a vacation to do their work. This trend is famous among work-from-home employees or remote workers, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. The concept is known as working vacation. Employees work remotely from their laptop with the help of internet connection at tourist destinations. After work, they explore those tourist destinations.

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Bleisure and Workation for work-life balance

Bleisure and Workation provides healthy work-life balance to employees. These two trends can also increase productivity. The workation accommodations offered by various employers can help to increase employees’ productivity. Employees need paid holidays to live a stress-free life. These trends have also increased domestic travel and staycations. “Bleisure Travel” trend is popular in Western countries. Employees combine fun activities and work to create a memorable and rewarding travel experience.

Tips for a perfect workcation

There are certain tips for a perfect workcation. An ideal location makes a perfect workcation and work-environment. A beach cottage or a hill station homestay can be a perfect place for workcation. Employees can relax at a cozy stay with good Wi-Fi connection.

It is advisable to go for a workation for one week or a maximum of 10 days. You need to make a budget because you can’t spend half of your salary on a workcation. 

What is your favorite activity during workcation? 

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