Why is Barcelona the best workation city in the world?

why is barcelona the best workation city in the world

why is barcelona the best workation city in the world

Do you know that Barcelona in Spain is the best workation city in the world? Barcelona offers everything to travel lovers, especially people who come for workation. But, what is workation? Workation is a recent trend whereas people work while traveling.

Many people across the world prefer Barcelona as the perfect workation city. Why is Barcelona the best workation city in the world? Does Barcelona provide a healthy work-life balance? What do people love about Spain’s Barcelona? If you want to know all these important details, read this article.

Why is Barcelona the best workstation city in the world?

According to a recent report by IWG, Barcelona has topped the list of workation destinations. IWG analyzed 26 cities globally to know which country is the ideal destination for workation. The report studied the climate, culture, accommodation, transport, food and drink of these 26 cities. 

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Barcelona has won the race of becoming an ideal destination for workation on the basis of these parameters. Barcelona is the best workation city, followed by Toronto in Canada, Beijing in China, Milan in Italy, New York in the US, Rio De Janeiro in Brazil, Amsterdam in the Netherlands, Paris in France, Jakarta in Indonesia, and Lisbon in Portugal.

Why is Barcelona the best workation city?

People have claimed that Barcelona has a low cost of living, compared to other popular European cities. Barcelona is colorful and a happy city.

The cost of living, beaches, green spaces, and friendly locals attracts people in this beautiful city. They select Barcelona for workation because of these reasons. The sandy beaches, a beautiful nightlife, and outstanding cuisine are also loved by people. After work, people usually spend time in these locations. 

The city is also a perfect place for music lovers. Primavera Sound, Sónar Barcelona and Barcelona Beach Festival attracts them. After their 9-5 work, people usually love to attend these events. Barcelona’s low crime rates also attract female travelers. 

Locals in Barcelona also give importance to work-life balance. Locals are also friendly with tourists. Hence, Barcelona is the best workation city in the world.

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