Migrants’ car crashes in Hungary; Two dead and six injured

migrants’ car crashes in hungary; two dead and six injured

migrants’ car crashes in hungary; two dead and six injured

A car carrying illegal migrants crashed in southern Hungary near the Serbian border on Thursday, killing two people and injuring six others. Hungarian police said that the tragic accident took place after the car hit a tree. Many illegal migrants were present in the car. Most of them were from the Middle East region and Afghanistan.

What happened to migrants?

The car carrying illegal migrants was driven by a smuggler. The car had a French number plate. The smuggler did not stop the car for police checks in order to save himself. The car turned over near Kiskunmajsa, a town in Bács-Kiskun county in Hungary. 

The tragic accident took place near Kiskunmajsa. It was not known how many illegal migrants were in the car. However, most migrants were young men from the Middle East and Afghanistan. They entered Hungary from Serbia via Balkan route. The migrants cut through the steel fence that Prime Minister Viktor Orban had built in Hungary to eradicate the migration crisis. The accident killed two people and injured six migrants. 

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Hungary migrant crisis

Migrant crisis has already affected Hungary. Last week, Slovakia, a landlocked country in Central Europe, imposed temporary controls on its border with Hungary over a rising number of illegal migrants in the country. 

The number of migrants entering Slovakia has increased to nearly 40,000 this year. Slovakia’s checks on its border with Hungary also started last week. 

Hungary has always opposed hosting illegal migrants arriving from the Middle East and Africa. Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto also expressed concern over illegal migrants crossing the border.

Last week, Hungary also opposed EU (European Union) proposals to redistribute asylum seekers among the EU’s 27 member countries.

European Union countries have been facing a significant rise in migration this year from Africa, Syria and Middle East countries. 

In August, Hungary released more than 1,400 convicted people smugglers from prison. National Command of Penitentiary Services said, “We have released 1,468 detainees of foreign nationality who have been convicted of smuggling of human beings.”

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6 months ago

In the shadowy realm of clandestine journeys, a car became both savior and betrayer. With desperate souls aboard, it ventured forth, a vessel of dreams in the night. Yet, fate had other plans, and a tragic tango with destiny ensued. Amidst the quiet borders of Hungary, it met its untimely end, the weight of humanity’s hope crashing against the unforgiving embrace of a tree. As we reflect on this somber tale, we are reminded of the plight of those who seek refuge, their journey fraught with peril. The steel fence meant to deter, they defied, navigating a path fraught with uncertainty. In a world grappling with migration’s complexities, may we find empathy amidst the headlines and remember the human stories that remain untold.

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