Wipro Announces Salary Hikes: All The Details Inside

wipro announces salary hikes all the details inside

wipro announces salary hikes all the details inside

There’s good news for Wipro employees. Wipro will give an increment to their employees. Their salaries will be increased by the end of this year. Read this article to know all the details about Wipro salary hikes.

Wipro, an Indian multinational information technology company, has announced salary hikes for its employees, starting from December 1. One of the leading Big Tech companies will implement salary increases after evaluating employee’s performances. 

Wipro to give salary hikes

Saurabh Govil, the President and Chief Human Resources Officer at Wipro Ltd, has sent an email to Wipro employees, confirming their salary hikes. 

In an email to staff, Saurabh Govil has said that annual merit pay increases (MSI) will go into force on 1 December 2023. Employees will be given a hike based on their income, skills, job profiles and performance.

Earlier, Jatin Dalal, Chief Financial Officer at Wipro, also said that salary hike would take place in Q3 (from October to December). 

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Chief Human Resources Officer Saurabh Govil said in an email, “Over the next few weeks, merit salary increases will be determined for eligible employees based on current compensation, skills, and performance.” 

Earlier this year, Wipro reduced the salary packages of new employees and freshers by nearly 50 per cent compared to initial offers. Wipro also made headlines for slashing freshers’ pay. People also questioned the ethics of the company. Later on, Jatin Dalal said that 92 per cent of freshers decided to join the company accepting the low salary offer. He also said, “We will continue to onboard next-gen associates based on our business needs throughout the year.”

Wipro hiring

Earlier this year, Saurabh Govil said that Wipro would ‘not be going to campus’ to hire new employees as the company wanted to prioritize the job offers that were already rolled out to previous candidates.

Wipro reduced campus hiring. The company reduced fresh graduate hiring by 30 per cent in FY24. Many new employees also faced delays and uncertainties in their onboarding processes at the company.

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