Various women taken hostage by Hamas; What we know so far

various women taken hostage by hamas

various women taken hostage by hamas

Following an attack by the militant group Hamas on Israel, various women have been taken hostage by Hamas fighters. Several disturbing videos show that various Israeli women are being taken hostage by the Hamas militants. 

The hostages were seized from homes near Israel’s border with the Gaza Strip. According to knowledgeable sources and official reports, women, people with disabilities, children, old people and even a 9-month-old baby were taken hostage by the Hamas militants. 

Blow to women’s rights

In a huge blow to women’s rights, various disturbing videos that have surfaced online have shown several women covered in blood and their hands tied to their backs. 

Witnesses claimed that Hamas militants pushed women forcefully inside cars and trucks, while chanting religious slogans like “Allahu Akbar”, which means “God is the greatest.”

In various videos, Hamas fighters were seen dragging Israeli women through the streets. The militants also captured various foreign women. 

Hamas fighters also gave warning to Israeli soldiers that it would execute an Israeli hostage every time an Israeli airstrike hits Gaza Strip.

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A German woman was also paraded naked by Hamas in a truck. Her body was covered with blood and she was unconscious. She was identified as tattoo artist Shani Louk, who attended  a music festival in Israel. Tom Weintraub, Shani Louk’s cousin, said, “Hamas is responsible for her.”

Israel-Hamas conflict has increased violence against women. In one video,  a 25-year-old woman, identified as Noa Argamani, was seen begging to Hamas fighters for her life. 

Israeli hostages being killed

On 9 October, four Israeli hostages in the Gaza Strip were killed in an Israeli strike. Israeli soldiers did not want to kill Israeli citizens but various Israeli hostages in Gaza means that Israel risks killing Israeli citizens. 

On 10 October, the families of 50 Israelis were informed that their loved ones were taken hostage in Gaza. They were taken from their homes on the Israeli border. Some hostages appear to have been killed. 

Hamas fighters also kidnapped some people from the music festival. They attacked people at the Nova Trance music festival in Israel. Various foreigners were also kidnapped from the music festival.

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