Israel-Hamas conflict: German woman’s body paraded naked

israel hamas conflict german woman’s body paraded naked

israel hamas conflict german woman’s body paraded naked

In a huge blow to women’s rights, an unconscious body of a German woman was paraded naked by Hamas in a truck during the Israel-Hamas conflict. The video of the incident also went viral on social media.

The German woman was identified as tattoo artist Shani Louk. Her mother said in a viral video that Shani Louk was in Israel with a tourist group. She appealed for help. Tomasina, Shani Louk’s cousin, also claimed that the woman in a viral video was Shani Louk.

What happened to the German woman in Israel?

According to multiple reports and knowledgeable sources, Shani Louk went to Israel for traveling. She wanted to explore the rich heritage of the country. She was reportedly kidnaped by Hamas militants at a music festival in Israel and paraded naked in the back of a pick-up truck. 

According to reports, the German tattoo artist was attending the music festival near the Gaza border when Hamas militants attacked the area. This incident sparked outrage across the world. People appealed for help.

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What did her mother say?

Shani Louk’s mother, Ricarda, said she had seen a video of her daughter “unconscious in a car.” She said that Palestinian Hamas kidnapped her along with a group of tourists. She further said, “I could clearly see our daughter unconscious in the car with the Palestinians and them driving around the Gaza Strip. I ask you to send us any help or news.”

Tom Weintraub, Shani Louk’s cousin, said, “Hamas is responsible for her.”

Violence against women

The ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas has increased violence against women. Hamas terrorists have kidnapped civilians, including women. 

In another viral video, a 25 year old woman, Noa Argamani, was seen begging for her life. Hamas militants kidnapped her on a motorcycle. 

A woman, identified as Gili Yoskovich, narrated her horrific tragedy to the media. She hid under the tree to protect herself. She said that Hamas killed anyone they could find.

Many women had been taken hostage by the Hamas militants. Human rights activists are demanding their release.

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