Top 5 Gen Z Workplace Trends To Achieve Work-Life Balance

top 5 gen z workplace trends to achieve work life balance

top 5 gen z workplace trends to achieve work life balance

Gen Z workers are starting various new workplace trends to achieve a healthy work-life balance. “Bare Minimum Mondays” to “Lazy Girl Jobs,” these workplace trends are popular among Gen Z workers. Gen Z workers are giving their priority to their wellbeing and happiness over being the perfect employee at the workplace.

Young people have introduced various workplace trends in the workplace in recent years. Gen Z workers — between the ages of 18 to 25 — are choosing to take a step back from work. In this article, we will share top 5 Gen Z workplace trends to achieve work-life balance.

Top 5 Gen Z workplace trends to achieve work-life balance

1. Lazy girl jobs

Lazy Girl Jobs are popular among Gen Z workers. This workplace trend racked up millions of views on TikTok this year. The introduction of the buzz phrase “Lazy Girl Jobs” to the workplace has contributed to the work life balance for women. In this workplace trend, women workers ditch hustle culture for easy jobs with decent salaries. 

TikToker Gabrielle Judge explained on TikTok that “lazy girl” jobs have better work-life balance and can benefit women. 

2. Snail-girl era

The new ‘snail girl’ trend is taking the workplace by storm. This workplace trend has been introduced by Australian fashion designer Sienna. In this trend, workers prioritize slowing things down and taking it easier on the job rather than focusing on ‘the grind’.

Currently, Snail girl is trending, how can you achieve work-life balance following this trend? Workers push back on hustle culture, leading to work-life balance.

3. Bare Minimum Mondays

Bare Minimum Mondays is introduced by Digital content creator and startup founder Marisa Jo Mayes. In this trend, Gen Z workers do as little work as possible on the first day of the week to minimize workplace stress. Her “Bare Minimum Mondays” entail focusing on one checklist item at a time rather than overwhelming yourself with multitasking.

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4. ‘Coffee badging’

‘Coffee badging’ is a new trend practiced by Gen Z workers. This trend is adopted by workers to protest Return-To-Office mandates. In this trend of ‘Coffee badging’, employees come to work just to show their faces and protest against the work-from office mandate. The workers earn a theoretical badge for showing up at the office. They do not engage in work and hold a good conversation with other employees.

5. Managing up

Managing up is very popular among Gen Z workers. This trend notched up 5.9 million views on TikTok. In this trend, workers manage their relationship with their boss to make a job suit their needs. For Gen Z workers, managing up trend is key to attaining work-life balance. They do not work beyond their working hours. They build a good relationship with their boss to make their life infinitely easier.

This is the list of the top 5 Gen Z workplace trends to achieve work-life balance. Which is your favorite workplace trend?

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