Snail girl trending: How can you achieve work-life balance?

snail girl trending how can you achieve work life balance

snail girl trending how can you achieve work life balance

The new ‘snail girl’ trend is taking the workplace by storm. It is the antithesis of the “girlboss” trend. The trend has been introduced by Australian fashion designer Sienna. She has explained the importance of slowing down and choosing to be happy rather than busy at the workplace. 

What is the snail girl trend? How can you achieve work-life balance following this trend? Is it beneficial for career growth? Gen Z workers have been embracing the new ‘snail girl’ trend.

What is the ‘snail girl’ trend? 

The new ‘snail girl’ trend is popular among women workers. Under the new trend, workers prioritize slowing things down and taking it easier on the job. They do not focus on ‘the grind’. In this trend, workers push back on hustle culture, leading to work-life balance.

In the piece titled “Snail girl era: Why I’m slowing down and choosing to be happy rather than busy,” Australian fashion designer Sienna said, “For me, it is not about a holiday or stopping work completely. It is just about taking that time to remember to not be as hard on myself, to have a work-life balance and to stop comparing my journey to others.”

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‘Snail girl’ trend improves work life balance

Gen Z workers are ushering in the era of the “snail girl”. In this trend, women workers value a calmer life of happiness above hustle culture and overworking. When they prioritize self care, their work-life balance improves drastically. 

Australian fashion designer Sienna said, “My inner girl boss is dead and my ‘snail girl’ era has begun.” The ‘snail girl’ era is currently trending on TikTok.

This movement promotes a “gentle start” to the working week. It releases their pressures and expectations that arise after the weekend.Various new trends have taken the workplace by storm. One of the most popular trends are ‘lazy girl jobs’. How ‘lazy girl jobs’ trend contribute to work-life balance? In this new trend, women workers ditch hustle culture for easy jobs with decent salaries. Gabrielle Judge, a social media influencer, has popularized the term “lazy girl job.” She said, “What we mean as lazy girl is a safe, high-paying, remote job that provides a safety net.”

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