Women Are Suffering In Kyrgyzstan; Man Cuts Off Woman’s Nose

women are suffering in kyrgyzstan; man cuts off woman’s nose

women are suffering in kyrgyzstan; man cuts off woman’s nose

Women are suffering in Kyrgyzstan, a landlocked country in Central Asia, because of the laws and the legal system. Men have repeatedly committed violent acts against women and the legal system ignores the plight of the women.

The unseen struggles of women in Kyrgyzstan must be highlighted, and the authorities must take action to stop crimes against women in Kyrgyzstan. Police officers do not act on complaints of domestic violence. How is the legal system failing women in Kyrgyzstan? Are women actually safe in Kyrgyzstan? 

Women are suffering in Kyrgyzstan

Asel Nogoibaeva, a woman in Kyrgyzstan, was abused by her ex-husband. She faced longstanding abuse and threats. Her ex-husband hit her twice on the head and then began to strangle her. She lost consciousness. When she woke up, everything was covered in blood. Later on, she found out that her ex-husband had cut off her nose and ears.

The man was identified as Azamat Estebesov. The man had been given probationary sentences for previous threats, rape and violence against Asel Nogoibaeva.

Asel Nogoibaeva told The Guardian, “Why in Kyrgyzstan should all cases concerning violence against women be resolved only after someone suffers, dies or becomes crippled for life?”

After the brutal incident, Azamat Estebesov was jailed. Asel Nogoibaeva expressed sadness because he was not jailed earlier.

In 2017, she filed for divorce. She told the authorities that her husband’s religious fundamentalism affected the lifestyle of her children. Her husband did not allow the children to study. She moved to Italy to get away from the torture. Last year, she returned to Kyrgyzstan. She bought a house and lived with the children. However, her ex-husband began harassing her, issuing death threats. She complained to the local police but they did not take any action. Later on, her ex-husband raped her on streets. Estebesov is now in prison for chopping off the woman’s nose and ears. 

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Femicide and violence against women in Kyrgyzstan

Femicide and violence against women have increased in Kyrgyzstan. Between 2008 and 2020, at least 300 murders of women – at the hands of their husbands – have taken place. 

During the first eight months of 2023, 8512 cases of domestic violence were reported in Kyrgyzstan. However, only 2% of the cases have gone to trial. Last year, only 2,709 of 6,580 registered domestic violence cases went to trial.

Last year, a 13-year-old girl was died by suicide because a man sexually harassed her. Horrifying child rape case sparked protests in Kyrgyzstan. However, the district police investigators released the man. The medical expert concluded “the girl at her age looked like she was 17-18 years old.” 

In various cases, people support the accused and not the victims. 

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