Working Couples: Technology Blurring The Line Between Job And Marriage

working couples technology blurring the line between job and marriage

working couples technology blurring the line between job and marriage

Work-life balance has become a tough nut to crack, requiring continual review and adjustment. Here are the 10 signs which indicated you need to balance work life ! The simple life of coming back home from work and spending time with family seems impossible now, as work emails and phone calls put marriage on the backseat, says a wife.

Technology can, quite conveniently, blur the line between a job and marriage. Your partner is usually the first person you neglect because you think she will understand and forgive you or you can spend time with her later, expresses one husband.

The employer or workmates might expect one to stay alert 24/7, making it tremendously difficult to get a work-life balance. Each call or text one receives beyond working hours, at times, seems like a fire that needs to be extinguished immediately.

Some companies, unfortunately, feel because they pay you, they can reach you anytime.

Then, is it even possible to achieve a balance? It is – by creating a reasonable separation and prioritising between the job and other aspects of life.

One of the coldest facts of life is you need money to earn money – referring to clothing, transportation, and miscellaneous expenses. When couples earn two incomes, it can produce stress and strain. It’s always wise to get an idea of the financial, physical, and emotional costs.

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One of the major work expenses is also marital strain. While wives often get disappointed over bearing an unfair share of the housework, husbands may likewise resent being asked to help. Some may even start complaining.

Moreover, not all working couples have a friend or a grandparent to help take care of their child. Among working women, one of the biggest sources of stress is the guilt over not being able to do enough or failing to be as good a wife and mother as their mother was.

Not all wives get to resign, nor do all of them want to. Some say they would feel bored or unfulfilled if they had to stay at home all day. But some women have started business enterprises, with others doing part-time work that helps them take care of various responsibilities with less tension.

It’s important to remain flexible and reasonable. To balance one’s work with home life, one needs to chalk out a plan to prevent the job from intruding into their marriage. Moreover, when the workload seems to be heavy, one needs to create time for one’s partner.

Realistically, work may, at times, intrude in marriage.

One must spare some time and space for exceptions. In such occasional cases, partners can avoid being overly demanding and instead, become more considerate of each other’s responsibilities.

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