5 Steps to handle job rejection better

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5 Steps to handle job rejection better

An application to your dream job can have only 2 results, one you get the job after passing the interview or the second possibility is you get rejected. Rejection in jobs can take place due to many factors. 

From the Human Resource panel getting a better candidate, or the role needed some other skills and experience whereas the interviewee didn’t match with it, to the job being cancelled, the possibilities can vary. 

Thus to handle the rejections better we have given some important steps that will help you. 

Ask for a detailed feedback

If you are rejected during the screening process, you can ask the interviewer to give detailed feedback on your answers and what they were expecting from you. It will help you to understand what are the skills and answers that the HR wants from the candidate so that they would recruit him / her leaving the rest. This would help you in rectifying your mistakes.

Review and Reflect

After getting rejected, a person can do a personal review of the interview thus reflecting on his answers and where he did go wrong. It would help him in getting the clarity himself and he can implement the changes the next time.

Identify the mistakes and make a personal development plan

Reviewing and reflecting on the answers would help in identifying the mistakes and chalk out a personal development plan. It is very important to be fixed with the development plan and follow it. This would help you to rectify the past mistakes and build your self confidence back to your prime stage and help in maintaining discipline.

Refining the job search

The job searching process can be a bit hectic and act like a thorn in the flesh sometimes. If the job search is not processed fully and refined, it can lead to results that may clash with your skillset and experience. Thus refining your job search is very important to find out the best suited career opportunity that the market has to offer. 

Build Resilience

If you are getting rejections in your job interviews it does not mean that you will sink into depression and keep a low profile. Keeping the head high and steady and trying more would help you to land the job you always wanted. Thus resilience is an important factor. 

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