Know : Work-Life-Balance With The CEO of Chupi Jewelry

know work life balance with the ceo of chupi jewelry

know work life balance with the ceo of chupi jewelry

Despite having a jam-packed diary as CEO and founder of Chupi jewelry, Chupi Sweetman prioritizes maintaining a work-life balance.

Chupi Sweetman puts it simply: she doesn’t do it all. The age-old question: ‘how does one woman do it all?’. The idea that a 12-hour day (minus sleep and travel time) can be stretched into a space where you can work ferociously, spend time with family, accomplish life admin, and practice self-care is a myth of the past – and that’s fine.

Chupi learned this lesson when she founded her business nearly ten years ago. Her now-husband pointed out that she had exhausted herself working seven days a week, so she started taking Sundays off to recharge.

Here’s how CEO of Chupi Jewelry maintains the balance between her mental and physical well-being…

she talked about a number of questions with image magazine , here we go-

Can you tell us about yourself and what inspired you to start Chupi?

As the CEO and founder of Chupi jewelry, I started the company when my boyfriend proposed nearly 10 years ago; I loved the idea that my engagement ring was a piece of the future. We mark the biggest moments in our community’s lives from love to hope and everything in between. We have 50 people on our team and sell in 70 countries. Today, Chupi is a global business based here in Dublin.

As a professional with such a demanding role, how do you prioritize your mental and physical health?

Despite having a busy job and a wonderful two-year-old, exercise isn’t a priority for me right now. However, food and cooking have always played a crucial role in my well-being.

In your downtime, what do you like to do after a long day at work?

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I mentioned food; everything from shopping to cooking, and ultimately feeding my friends and family. There was a description once that said that your family is the people you cook for, and I couldn’t agree more. There’s nothing better than a lazy brunch with my little family or cooking a massive meal with my best friends.

How do you prepare for work?

The mornings are always spent with my little girl and husband having breakfast together. Inspired by my wonderful friend Oonagh, I take a range of supplements, and I make sure I take time to enjoy my loved ones.

Maintaining work-life balance requires three practices. What are they?

I think we have become obsessed with the idea that everything has to be perfect – it’s impossible. It’s best to focus on what’s going to make a difference.

My strategy involves ordering our organic vegetable box each week, forcing me to cook green things, and scheduling our grocery shopping online. I can always tell when I’m under serious pressure because food disappears.

At the time, I worked seven days a week, and it was my husband who told me it simply wasn’t sustainable, so I took Sunday off. At the time, it seemed scandalous, but it made sure I was rested and could grow the rest of the week.

How can someone feeling run down and overwhelmed at work begin to restore balance?

As a first step, I believe we should give ourselves grace. It’s been an unbelievably tumultuous three years; everyone feels it. Next, I think you need a dream and a plan. Build a plan towards what you want from life, not what your family or your partner wants.

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