Personality Check: CEO Aditya Puri and HDFC Bank

personality check ceo aditya puri and hdfc bank

personality check ceo aditya puri and hdfc bank

Anita Puri writes in her book Adityanama-The Man Behind the Banker Revealed, “There are so many facets to Aditya’s character that it is difficult for me to put it all in one book.” Here are some traits of Aditya Puri that his wife listed.

Aditya Puri is regarded as a strict taskmaster who started from scratch to grow the private sector HDFC Bank into the second-largest bank in the nation. The bank experienced uninterrupted, three-decade-long growth in its revenues, profits, deposits, and advances. Regardless of the global financial crisis or the slowdown in the economy, the bank consistently produced growth of 20% or more across all metrics. He achieved work-life balance on a personal level. He avoided evening networking events at all costs. Anita Puri writes in her book Adityanama-The Man Behind the Banker Revealed, “There are so many facets to Aditya’s character that it is difficult for me to put it all in one book.”

According to his wife Anita Puri, Aditya Puri has the following qualities:

1. Always upbeat: 

For him, nothing is impossible. He always maintained faith, whether it was a professional or a family crisis, and his standard phrase is that there is no magic wand, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, she writes. “I remember numerous instances when the situation at work seemed to be very difficult. People would tell him that there was no solution to a problem.

2. Sensible and Bold : 

It may seem like two very different traits to be brave and sensible. You might wonder how a man can be both, she writes. Aditya isn’t afraid to take significant risks, whether they pertain to large projects with the bank, his career, or our future plans. Buso doesn’t like to take chances. Before making a significant move, he conducts sufficient research. At work and at home, he keeps things straightforward and is sensible and down to earth.

3. Careful : 

Aditya’s rule is to never extend a loan to someone unable to repay it. He has remained true to this throughout his life, and once he grants a loan, he makes a serious effort to see that the borrower honors their obligations to the bank. He and the bank have consistently performed well thanks to this attitude. He pays attention to our investments in our personal lives as well, she claims, and he is not easily fooled.

4. Polite and courteous:

Aditya has never put on airs or made a big deal out of his accomplishments; he is modest and unassuming. And whenever someone congratulated him on the lofty heights that HDFC Bank had attained, he only had two things to say: first, that the team, not just me, was responsible for the success. Second, “hum to naukar hai bank ke” means that I and my coworkers only serve the bank.”

5. Teamwork : 

Aditya has always valued his teammates and given credit where it is due, which has earned him the enduring loyalty of those with whom he has worked. “At many places that we have traveled together, people would approach him with stories about how he had changed their life, and he would always say this is not about me,” says one person who has traveled with him.

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6. Always giving: 

Aditya’s parents and grandparents instilled in him several morals and values, including humility, respect for others, and the rule that you should never extend your hand with the palm facing up as if you are asking for something but rather with the palm facing down as if you are giving something away. “He believes in this and is extremely generous, to this day,” she said.

7. Banker’s spirit : 

Ask his coworkers and friends, and they will all tell you that he is a man of infinite passion, so devoted to his vision of the bank that nothing could keep him away from his work “He was still completely immersed in the bank during the lockdown, even though he was about to retire. That is what sets him apart “She composes.

8. loving, devoted father: 

“He is the one who stays up until our daughter Amrita gets home when she is out late. Aditya is the first person Amit turns to when he has a problem, according to his wife. “His favorite song, the one we danced to for our 30th wedding anniversary, is ‘Uden jab zulfein teri, kunwariyon ka dil machine (With every flick of your hair, you force the hearts of all young men to miss a beat), and it never fails to make him smile.

9. Romantic Personality : 

He is an uncontrollable romantic, never misses an opportunity to surprise me, and is extremely sensitive to my needs, she writes. 

We both enjoy listening to music, and one song that Aditya sings for me is an old ghazal by Pankaj Udhas, Chandi jaisa rang hai tera Sone jaise bal Ek tu hi hai dhanwaan gori Baaki sab kangal (You look as though you are covered in silver and your hair is all gold, true wealth is yours alone, the rest are all broke).

Last Note-

Lastly I just want to remind you that work life balance is important. If you are a working father or mother then it is also important, for students it is necessary for you too.’
This is something Aditya Puri inspires us to do! You must read his wife’s book “Adityanama”.

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