How To Get A Work Permit In Sydney: Everything You Need To Know

How To Get A Work Permit In Sydney

How To Get A Work Permit In Sydney

Australia Australia – provides several working visa programs to immigrants. If you’re planning to work while you travel, you will need to secure a visa. Sydney is one of Australia’s largest cities. Do you want to work in Sydney?

You need to get a work permit to start working in Sydney. Australian visas and work permits are granted by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Below is a guide on how you can obtain a work permit in Sydney.

Tips to get a work permit in Sydney

Employer-sponsored visas

Companies in Sydney can bring foreign skilled workers into Australia to carry out jobs. Foreign nationals can get their work permit from these companies. Two types of visas are provided to employees: Permanent skilled worker visas and Temporary skilled worker visas.

  • Permanent skilled worker visas allow the visa holder to bring their families with them.
  • Temporary skilled worker visas allow the visa holder to work in Australia for four years.

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Working in Sydney via SkillSelect

You can get a work permit by applying to the SkillSelect scheme. Sydney has set criteria for who they will accept as a skilled migrant worker to best meet the state’s economic and developmental demands.

  • To apply for the SkillSelect, you need to submit an expression of interest (EOI) to the Department of Immigration and Citizenship.
  • If your experience meets the criteria for Sydney, you will be invited to submit a full application.

New South Wales (NSW) occupation shortage list

Sydney is the capital of New South Wales. If your particular skills are in demand by NSW, you might even be invited to apply for a skilled nomination migration visa. You can apply for a skilled regional nominated migration visa, which is valid for four years.

Applying from inside Australia

People can also apply for some visas from inside Australia, such as a permanent or temporary skilled worker visa.

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