Wipro Asks Workers To Work From Office; What Can You Expect?

wipro asks workers to work from office; what can you expect

wipro asks workers to work from office; what can you expect

Wipro, an Indian multinational corporation and one of the leading Big Tech companies, has asked workers to work from the office. The company has announced the new office rule for all the employees officially via email. The new policy will be effective from November 15, 2023.

Previously, other Indian IT firms, including TCS and Infosys, also asked employees to work from the office. Amazon, an American multinational technology company, also asked employees to work from the office. Amazon managers can fire employees if they won’t work from the office.

Wipro asks employees to work from office thrice a week

Wipro has asked all its employees globally to work from the office at least thrice a week. Wipro, one of India’s leading software services companies, adopted a mandatory hybrid work policy. 

Under the new policy, Wipro workers are required to be physically present in the office for a minimum of three days in a week from November 15, 2023. 

The new policy was conveyed to employees in a company-wide email sent on November 6, 2023. Wipro’s Chief Human Resources Officer, Saurabh Govil, said that the new policy can strengthen Wipro’s corporate culture.

The email, sent to the employees, read, “Starting November 15, all employees must be present at their assigned office location for at least three days each week.”

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What can Wipro workers expect?

Wipro workers need to follow the new policy or they may face consequences. Wipro told its employees in an email that if they don’t follow the new work policy, there will be consequences starting from next year.

Starting January 7 next year, if employees don’t follow the rules, Wipro might take strict action against them. They can also lose their jobs.

The managers will tell employees to return to office 3+ days a week. If they do not comply with these rules, then managers can take disciplinary action against the employees.

Work-from-office policy

In recent months, many companies have adopted the work-from-office policy. Some employees also lost their jobs by not following the rule. Recently, an Amazon worker quit job instead of working from the office.

Earlier this year, Amazon asked its employees to start working from offices. Some employees returned to office, while some employees left their jobs. An Amazon employee, who was originally hired as a remote worker, left the job instead of working from the office and lost around $203,000.

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