Amazon Lays Off Employee, Later Tries To Rehire Him 4 Times

amazon lays off employee, later tries to rehire him 4 times

amazon lays off employee, later tries to rehire him 4 times

Amazon, an American multinational technology company, laid off 18,000 employees in January this year. It was the biggest layoff in Amazon’s history. Layoffs were conducted in major cost-cutting measures. An employee, who worked as a business analyst at Amazon, was also fired from the company in January. Later on, Amazon tried to rehire him four times but he declined the offer.

What’s so special about the employee? Why did the employee decline the offer? What was his job role? What did Amazon say about the hiring process?

Amazon tries to rehire employee

Former Amazon employee said that a month before the company fired him, his manager had told him that he does not need to be concerned. The manager told the employee that no one else could have done the work that he was doing. When he received an email notifying him of his layoff and two months of severance pay, he was in shock because he was doing great work. The former employee expressed sadness with what happened during his tenure at the company.

He revealed that direct managers had no say in the layoff decisions. The former employee also said that he was not happy with the management decisions.

After his layoff, he struggled to get a job. He was suffering because of widespread IT layoffs. Despite getting job opportunities from Amazon, he was reluctant to return to Amazon. Amazon layoff affected him because he was left jobless. 

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Why did the employee turn down the Amazon offer?

Former Amazon employee said that his layoff in January almost felt like a slap in the face. Despite not having a job, he decided to reject Amazon’s re-hire attempts. Amazon reached out to him four times but he declined the offer. He said that he felt underappreciated and was unwilling to return to Amazon. He said that he had lost trust in the organization because Amazon fired him without justification. He revealed that he was fired without cause.

Meanwhile, ‘Make Amazon Pay’ Black Friday workers’ strikes have been planned in 30 countries. ‘Make Amazon Pay’ Black Friday workers’ strikes aim to support hundreds of thousands of Amazon workers. Amazon workers will hold strikes and protests on Black Friday in more than 30 countries on 24 November. 

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