Amazon Managers To Fire Employees If They Won’t Work From The Office

amazon managers to fire employees if they won’t work from the office

amazon managers to fire employees if they won’t work from the office

Amazon, an American multinational technology company, has adopted new strategies to force employees to come to the office. The company has strengthened its return-to-office policy, granting Amazon managers immense power. Now, Amazon managers can fire employees if they won’t work from the office. 

How many workers are at risk? What can employees expect? What did Amazon managers say? Can managers terminate employees who do not comply with the requirement?

Amazon gives authority to managers to fire employees

Amazon employees need to work from the office three times a week. If employees do not comply with the requirement, they will be fired. 

According to the email sent to Amazon employees, if they do not come to the office three times a week, they will face severe consequences. The email read, “We expect you to start coming into the office three or more days a week now.” They will be fired immediately if they fail to follow these requirements. 

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What can Amazon employees expect?

If employees do not come to the office three times a week, the managers will conduct a follow-up discussion within a reasonable time frame. The managers will tell employees to return to office 3+ days a week. If they do not follow these rules, managers will send them a written letter. If they do not comply with these rules, then managers can take disciplinary action against them.

Amazon announces job cuts

Earlier this month, Amazon announced job cuts in various departments. Amazon laid off employees from its global communications team. The layoff affected around 5 per cent of the workforce in Amazon’s global communications team.

Earlier this year, Amazon announced plans to lay off 9,000 positions from cloud computing, human resources, and advertising departments. 

Amazon hiring

Last month, Amazon announced plans to hire employees for the upcoming holiday season. Amazon will hire 250000 employees in hundreds of cities and towns across the United States for the upcoming holiday season. John Felton, Amazon’s senior vice president of Worldwide Operations, confirmed that the company would hire “250,000 additional people this year.”

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