Amazon is hiring 15000 workers in the UK; Who is eligible?

amazon is hiring 15000 workers in the uk; who is eligible

amazon is hiring 15000 workers in the uk; who is eligible

There’s good news for people looking for a job at Amazon., Inc. is set to hire 15000 workers in the United Kingdom (UK) for the upcoming holiday season.

So, who is eligible for the job? How much is Amazon paying to workers? Are there any full-time and part-time positions at the company?

Amazon jobs

Amazon is hiring 15,000 new workers ahead of the holiday season. The company is offering temporary and seasonal roles as well as full-time positions. Over 15,000 seasonal workers will be hired at various Amazon sites across the United Kingdom as sales can rise ahead of Christmas holidays. 

Amazon salaries

Amazon is set to increase base pay for its frontline operations workers. The pay rise will come into effect from October 15. The company will be increasing salaries for its workers to between £11.80 and £12.50 per hour. Amazon has also planned to increase pay for its workers to between £12.30 and £13 per hour. 

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John Boumphrey, Amazon’s U.K. country manager, said, “We will offer workers competitive wages and benefits as well as fantastic opportunities for career development.”

Employees are also eligible for bonuses during the upcoming holiday season. Amazon will also offer medical and dental benefits to full-time employees. 

Who is eligible for the job?

Amazon is looking to hire seasonal workers. Amazon has created thousands of jobs across the UK. If you know how to deal with customers, you are eligible for the job. If you have experience in customer service and sales, there is a high chance that you will get hired during the upcoming holiday season. 

Last month, Amazon also announced plans to hire 250000 workers across the United States for the upcoming holiday season. 

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