Amazon is hiring 250000 employees; Who is eligible?

amazon is hiring 250000 employees; who is eligible

amazon is hiring 250000 employees; who is eligible

There’s good news for people looking for a job. Do you want to get a job with a good salary package? This article is for you. You can get a job at Amazon., Inc. an American multinational technology company, is set to hire 250000 employees in hundreds of cities and towns across the United States for the upcoming holiday season. Yes, you heard it right! So, who is eligible for the job? How much is Amazon paying to employees?

Amazon jobs

Amazon is hiring people in full time, part-time, as well as seasonal fulfillment center and transportation roles. There’s a job for everyone in the US. If you are looking for a short term role to make extra money, you can be hired. If you are looking for a full time role and rewarding career at Amazon, you can be hired too. 

John Felton, Amazon’s senior vice president of Worldwide Operations, announced, “The holiday season is always a special time at Amazon and we’re excited to hire 250,000 additional people this year to help serve customers across the US.”

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Amazon salaries

Amazon is set to invest more than $1 billion to increase average hourly wages. Amazon will increase the average pay for full time, part time and seasonal fulfillment center and transportation roles by $28 per hour. 

Amazon will pay between $17 and $28 per hour to employees depending on location. Employees are also eligible for bonuses ranging between $1,000 and $3,000. 

The average hourly wages for customer fulfillment and transportation employees can be $20.50 per hour. A new fulfillment or transportation employee can also witness a 13% increase in salary over the next three years. Amazon will also offer medical and dental benefits to employees. 

Who is eligible for the job?

Amazon opened 50 new fulfillment centers across the United States for the holiday season. In this way, Amazon created thousands of jobs. Amazon will hire thousands of new seasonal workers for the holiday season because of an expected surge in sales. 

If you know how to do your job well, you are eligible for the job. If you have experience in customer service and transportation, there is a huge chance that you will get hired. The new job opportunities at Amazon are open for everyone. 

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