Amazon layoff: Amazon announces job cuts; Who all are at risk?

amazon layoff amazon announces job cuts; who all are at risk

amazon layoff amazon announces job cuts; who all are at risk

Amazon, an American multinational technology company, is set to layoff employees. The company has announced job cuts in various departments. How many employees will be impacted by the Amazon layoff? The layoffs are currently taking place and more employees will be impacted in the future.

Amazon layoff

According to a report by Deadline, Amazon has announced layoff for its global communications team. The layoffs will take place within Amazon’s communication divisions. The layoff will affect around 5 percent of the workforce in Amazon’s global communications team.

Between November 2022 and January 2023, Amazon fired 18,000 employees. Earlier this year, Amazon announced plans to fire an additional 9,000 positions from cloud computing, human resources, and advertising departments. 

In April, Amazon fired 100 employees from Amazon Studios. The company took the decision as part of cost cutting measures. In July, Amazon fired employees within its Fresh Grocery stores as part of a restructuring process.

As part of the cost-cutting strategy, Amazon closed Fresh and Go stores. Andy Jassy, the president and chief executive officer of Amazon, also admitted to firing 27,000 employees. The CEO further said, “At this stage, we choose to prioritize growth.”

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In 2022, Amazon made headlines by laying off 18,000 employees. The layoff affected AWS, PXT, Advertising, and Twitch departments. 

Who all are at risk?

Employees at Amazon Studios, Amazon Prime Video, and Amazon Music divisions will be impacted by the layoffs. Employees at communication departments face high risk. The layoff will take place at domestic and international locations. 

What will laid off employees get?

Laid off employees will get their regular pay and benefits for a 60-day period. They will also receive severance packages, transitional benefits, and assistance with job placement. Amazon spokesperson Brad Glasser said in a statement, “We are focused on supporting them (laid off employees) in their next steps.”

Meanwhile, Flexport, an American multinational supply chain management company, Juniper Networks, software and cloud services company, Ford Motor Company, an American multinational automobile company, and Wells Fargo, an American multinational financial services company, have also announced layoffs.

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