Amazon Worker Quits Job Instead Of Working From Office, Loses $203,000

amazon worker quits job instead of working from office, loses $203,000

amazon worker quits job instead of working from office, loses $203,000

Earlier this year, Amazon, an American multinational technology company, asked its employees to start working from offices. The company ended remote working facilities introduced during the COVID-19 pandemic. The employees were unhappy with the sudden change and protested against the move. Employees staged a protest against the return to office mandate. However, the efforts were in vain. 

Some employees returned to office, while some employees left their jobs. An Amazon employee, who was originally hired as a remote worker, left the job instead of working from the office and lost around $203,000.

What happened to the Amazon employee?

The Amazon worker, hired as a remote worker, was also asked to relocate in order to keep his job. However, he quit his job instead of working from the office. When he left the company, he had to let go of $203,000 worth of unvested stocks. 

The Amazon employee said, “I wish I could have stayed, but it frankly felt intentional the way they were pushing people out.”

He is currently working with a former Amazon colleague at a startup in a remote role. He revealed that his new job offers around the same base salary as Amazon but the company can’t match Amazon’s stock options.

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The employee said if the new company asked him to work from the office, he would not hesitate to look for another job.

The employee revealed that Amazon’s return-to-office mandate would have required him to move from New York to Seattle, giving up on the dream life that he had been living. He told the media, “I live in New York. My wife and I just bought our dream property. There was zero chance whatsoever I was ever going to move to Seattle.”

Earlier this year, Amazon laid off employees. It was the biggest layoff in Amazon’s history because the company fired more than 18,000 employees. However, Amazon tried to rehire an employee.  An employee, who worked as a business analyst at Amazon, was fired from the company in January. Later on, Amazon tried to rehire him four times but he declined the offer. He said that his layoff in January almost felt like a slap in the face. 

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