US and Panama Team Up to Send Migrants Back Home

US and Panama Team Up to Send Migrants Back Home

The United States and Panama have agreed to collaborate on asylum, or deportation of people who attempt to travel to the United States from Panama. This agreement deals with individuals who pass through what is known as the Darién Gap, an unsafe forested region.

What is the Darién Gap? 

The Darién Gap is a deeply forested area in the Isthmus of Panama where it borders Colombia. Once it was nearly impossible to cross, but today more and more people are using it to get north, to the United States. Tracing such data, according to which in 2023, more than half a million people traversed through this jungle.

What Is Their Purpose For Doing This?

The government of the United States of America is seeking a way of managing the number of individuals who arrive in the country through its southern border in a knowledgeable manner. In this case, they assist Panama deport people in the belief that fewer numbers of migrants will ever reach the US. 

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What Do Leaders Say About This?

  • The US Homeland Security leader, Alejandro Mayorkas, says this is part of a bigger plan to manage migration in the whole region.
  • Panama’s new president, José Raúl Mulino, wants to be very strict about migrants coming into his country.

Is This New? 

This planning has been done by the US for several months now. This is one of the measures that the US is observing or practicing in its efforts to minimize illegal border crossings. The US has additionally influenced other countries such as Mexico and Ecuador to reduce this aspect of migration. 

What is Currently Going On at the US Boundaries? 

In the past few weeks, the American government rendered it nearly impossible for people to seek asylum. This situation was the lowest record of individuals attempting to cross the border illegitimately in the least than any other time that Biden assumed office.

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