American Startup Founder Faces Harsh Words from Rejected Job Applicant in India

American Startup Founder Faces Harsh Words from Rejected Job Applicant in India

Tony Klor, an American who has engaged in setting up a firm known as Catoff Gaming is now based in Bengaluru, India. Recently, he had to say the following words, sorry, you can’t have a job at my company. He who failed to get the job became very frustrated and started insulting Tony. This has made people especially those on social networks discuss how to handle the situation when you are not hired. Several individuals are shocked by the messages Tony receives which are rather rude. It is focused on what is acceptable or unacceptable to say when one suffers the indignity of rejection for a job.

The Angry Messages 

Tony took screenshots of the messages and posted the screenshots on X (Twitter). Most of the included messages were rather raw. The one who was demoralized because he or she did not get the job cursed. When Tony questioned the individual if he still wanted the job, the man started cursing Tony and saying more things that did not make any formal sense.

Tony’s Reaction

Tony seemed surprised by how the person reacted. He wrote on X: “Sometimes job candidates in India don’t take rejection very well…” He also asked what one of the rude Hindi words meant.

What People Said

Many people who saw Tony’s post were shocked:

  • Some people said sorry for how the job seeker behaved.
  • Others tried to explain that the person might be very frustrated.
  • A few people made jokes, saying the rude words actually meant “Thanks for considering me.”

But some people noticed that Tony had also written something that wasn’t very nice. In the messages, Tony had asked if he should call the person’s mother to apologize. This made some people think there might be more to the story.

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Handling Job Rejection Better

This situation shows how important it is to stay calm and polite, even when you don’t get the job you want. Getting rejected can be hard, but it’s never okay to be mean or use bad language.

For tips on how to handle job rejections in a better way, you can read –  5 Steps to Handle Job Rejection Better. This article gives helpful advice on what to do when you don’t get a job you applied for.

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