Understand Dynamics Of Work-Life Balance To Have Happy Employees

understand dynamics of work life balance to have happy

understand dynamics of work life balance to have happy

Post the pandemic, the reasons for a good work-life balance have never been as important as it is today. Employees are wishing to have their ‘me’ time as much as they wish to give their best to their work as well.

According to Paul Eccher, The Vanya Group President & CEO, ”the truth is that work-life balance is unique to each person and the definition can change over time based on life changes and personal needs. There is no one way to create work-life balance for all employees across the board.”

But even then, there are indicators that exhibit as to where are lines been drawn and what is it that employees are seeking when they are looking for a real work-life balance.

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Here are some indicators of why certain employees genuinely need to demarcate these two aspects of their lives.

Work Isn’t Fun:

Yes, for many when work isn’t fun, they tend to demarcate the two- life and work. When work is only to earn recognition, money and the likes, it tends to bore an employee, who then wants to switch off from work and be in his/her own space as much.

Support Systems Are Weak:

If you are not there to understand your employees are human with human concerns, then they will be running to their ‘me’ zone more frequently.

Company With Boundaries:

While you will want to work if you enjoy it, there is no harm having set some boundaries. A company that creates intentional boundaries works well both for the company and the employee. Consider policies like no emails over the weekend unless a business emergency arises, video-free Fridays or incentives to use vacation days versus carrying them over.

Quality versus Quantity:

If we can have a culture of better productivity and less work hours, it makes everyone a happy worker.

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