Tycoon From Karnataka Honored With Doctorate By World Human Rights

tycoon from karnataka honored with doctorate by world human rights

tycoon from karnataka honored with doctorate by world human rights

Karnataka: Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Dr. Mohammed Akheel were honored with the Bharat Gaurav Ratna Shri Samman Parishad. It was approved by the Government of India. On 23 December  2022, In Dubai representative of his Royal Highness awarded them. 

Previously they both had also been awarded the “India Icon Award 2019”. This was because of the IT sector’s services in Karnataka, India. And many more like -the International Goal Awards 2020, and Young Entrepreneur of the Year 2021.

The time is of pleasure when talents and entrepreneurs from Shimoga, Karnataka is getting fame in world institutes. Our young generation can learn a lot from them and take them as inspiration. They are humble personalities and help youngsters to build their businesses. It directly gives a big part in our economy. Many youths consider both business tycoons as their role models.

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In their journey, they became business partners, and in 2012 they started Bright Groups- it was the first firm. And from there to now they had never looked back. In 2016 they stepped into Thanda Natural Soda, and in 2017 founded packaged drinking water- Amber. and much more ahead.

Rather the business and the entrepreneurship partners have been doing social work. Karnataka floods in 2019 these tycoons helped needy people by giving them food and med care. During the pandemic, they came forward and help in the PM relief fund. They are also providing water for 14 villages and 2625 homes for just rupees 1.  Additionally, they are helping rural areas schools, mosques, and Anganwadi with water supply. They were part of the Joy Ride organized for the Cancer Kids Aid Association at the 75th Independence Day celebration.

So, by their down-to-earth nature, they are also gaining people’s support, love, and blessings.

Dr. Mohammed Muneeb Khan and Dr. Mohammed Akheel are the big inspiration for young India. It the time to cheer for them.

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