To Protect Human Rights Sri Lanka & Turkey Sign An MoU

to protect human rights sri lanka & turkey sign an mou

to protect human rights sri lanka & turkey sign an mou

On 11th January 2023 in Ankara, the Sri Lankan Office of the Administrative Commissioner, Omukpal, and Turkey’s Ombudsman Institution signed an MoU. This MoU is attracting the eyes of human right activist entire the world.

The International Ombudsman Conference 2023 was the venue where this remarkable event took place. This event was funded by the EU, with the vision of The future of human rights in the 21st century.

The main idea or objective behind this MoU is to focus on the field of protection of human rights and protect the citizens from injustice and discrimination with the common thinking of the two institutions of Sri Lanka and Turkey.

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A common pool of cooperation between the two parties of different countries in the field of protection of the rights of citizens is wishes to secure by the Memorandum of Understanding. The MoU will provide a future roadmap for each country’s tasks and objectives and their contribution to the security of citizens.

The MoU between the Office of the Ombudsman Institute of Turkey and the Ombudsman of Sri Lanka was signed in the presence of Mustafa Sentop  the Parliament speaker of Turkey. Hasanthi Urugodawatte Dissanayake is also present there, who is an ambassador of Sri Lanka to Türkiye. K. T. Chitrasiri, Retd Justice of Sri Lanka, and Şeref Malkoç who is the chief Ombudsman of Türkiye were present there.

Ombudsmen from more than seventy countries participate in the International Ombudsmen Conference 2023 and all of them discussed in depth the subject of human rights, security, and the future.

This is an important event in the category of human rights, when the world is suffering from this issue everywhere, it is necessary to highlight any global act in the bulletins, this will motivate them, and human rights watchdogs can easily track them. Can, and it will encourage other governments to work for their human life, liberty, and justice.

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