“They’re Taking Our Jobs”: Indian Origin Engineer Laid Off, Replaced By Indians Living In India

theyre taking our jobs indian origin engineer laid off replaced by indians living in india

theyre taking our jobs indian origin engineer laid off replaced by indians living in india

The United States is a developed economy, and the country is the best place in the world to be employed. Many of the people in India move to the US to get a job and lead a worthy life. But the technology sector is witnessing rampant layoffs. Recently, a video went viral on social media where a software engineer of Indian origin was laid off by his employer in the United States. The man in the video also highlighted how he is being replaced by Indians living in India.

About the Viral Video

The viral video, which is over a minute long, starts with the introduction of the engineer. After introducing himself, he revealed that he was recently laid off. In the video, he said, “I am a software engineer. I work in the technology sector, or at least I used to work until recently my whole team got laid off.” The engineer then reveals about his exit interview with the employers. During the interview, this tech guy came to know that he and his whole team are being replaced by workers living in India. After hearing this, the tech guy was surprised and shocked, and he told his company that he too is an Indian.

The engineer tries to keep his job by suggesting to his company, “If you keep me for this job, I am already Indian, right? We can get rid of these crackers and replace them with my friends.” In the video, he argued that he was born in India and his family shifted to the US for work. He also added that he was ready to move to India if his employer wished.

Recalling the conversation, the engineer said, “They are like, no, no, you don’t get our point. We are getting rid of you. We are shifting the job to India to be done from there only; who will do it cheaper there?” He further said, “And in the moment, I turned into everyone’s fathers. I was like, Indians are taking our jobs.”

This viral video has over one million videos on ‘X’. Users bombarded the comment box. One of the users said, “It’s not that you are an Indian, it’s that you are 90% less expensive for them.” Another user wrote, “Watch the movie ‘Outsourced.” Another interesting comment says, “Gotta work on the Indian accent.”.

Rampant layoffs in the tech sector.

In the technology sector of the US, layoffs are continuing at an unprecedented pace. From small startups to large companies like Google, Meta, and Amazon, many companies are cutting down their jobs, which in turn is affecting millions of employees. In the first two months of 2024, around 50,000 employees were laid off by 193 companies. Many technological professionals are getting concerned given the speed at which companies are cutting down their jobs. As per the report by Authority Hacker, around 54.58% of the workers are worried about losing their jobs.

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