Resolutions for better Work life balance in incoming year 2021


As we are approaching the new year in hope of new beginnings, the situation is ideal to make life-changing resolutions.

The current 2020 year has put forth unprecedented circumstances to all at personal as well as professional levels. This has also made us all realize a plethora of things that required changes, and that must also be followed in incoming year. The new year resolutions this time will be more balanced in quest of a balanced work and life parts of everyone’s lives.

A better work life balance is essential requirement for increased productivity and better quality of professional and personal lives. As we are approaching the new year in hope of new beginnings, the situation is ideal to make life-changing resolutions.

Time Management:

Making sure on focusing on time management and not on perfection has to be the key for next year. It is important to focus on achieving on more tasks in given period of time rather that assigning more time for single task to make it “perfect”.

Plan after-work activities before hand:

Leaving work on time for home but with no plans for planned activities will actually impact the work life balance adversely. Setting plans ahead for after-work and weekend activities will help in managing and having better sense of personal life communication.

Set clear boundaries:

Setting clear and strict boundaries for work as well as personal engagements is important. Too many personal activities or events can encroach upon the energy and time saved for professional work, and vice-versa.

Use annual leaves:

Don’t keep on halting and postponing vacations and leaves. Utilize breaks and get recharged for the work on return.

Break the routine:

To avoid getting stuck in a monotonous routine, break the routine. Have coffee at a new place, go for a walk on a new route, and likewise. Engage in some new office recreational activity.

This year has taken a toll on everyone’s mental and physical health in year 2020. Incoming year can be made better with resolutions based on the lessons learnt.

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Journey alongside Neha M, a dedicated advocate for workers' rights. Neha's storytelling transcends boundaries, unraveling the human narratives behind labor issues.

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