NYC Mayor Adams Receives Praise From Unexpected GOP Ally For Comments On Migrant Crisis

“we are intentional with our work to make st. pete a shining example of bridge building, collaboration, intentional equity, and respect for all,” welch said.

“we are intentional with our work to make st. pete a shining example of bridge building, collaboration, intentional equity, and respect for all,” welch said.

Large cities are primarily burdened by the migrant crisis, and many of them receive little to no federal assistance: Suarez

Francis Suarez, a Republican mayor of Miami, praised a well-known Democrat mayor on Sunday, saying he was pleased that the Democrat was “standing up and talking about” how the migrant crisis was affecting his city.

During an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Suarez said, “I’m quite proud of Mayor [Eric] Adams from New York for standing up and talking about how this is impacting the city of New York. He has to focus on crime reduction, and instead, you see images of police officers helping people in the classic Roosevelt Hotel find their way.”

Instead of concentrating on reducing crime as you would like, these officers are forced to deal with the migrant crisis, which you have stated should be a federal concern.


On the same Sunday morning program, Adams appeared and advocated for sending migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border to all cities “throughout the entire country.”

We have 108,000 towns, villages, and cities. It is not a burden on one city if everyone takes a small portion of that and if it is coordinated at the border to make sure that those who are entering the country legally are moved throughout the entire country, according to Adams.

And it’s essential to have clear numbers. In our city, we received over 70,000 migrants seeking asylum; 42,000 of them are still in our care. This problem can be solved if it is handled correctly at the border while we finally persuade Congress, particularly the Republican Party, to address a comprehensive immigration policy.

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Suarez added his voice to the conversation about the migrant crisis by criticizing the federal government for failing to assist Miami.

As far as we know, the federal government has not offered any assistance to us, Suarez said. “We looked to see if we had received any assistance from FEMA, but it appears we have not,”

Due to the expiration of Title 42, a COVID-19 emergency policy that permitted border agents to turn away migrants, illegal border crossings increased this month.

Suarez claimed that large cities, many of which have received little to no federal aid, are primarily burdened by this migrant crisis.

Suarez claimed that his city had had difficulty coping with the influx of immigrants over the previous year, particularly those from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Haiti, for whom the Biden administration in January established a program to speed up the asylum process.

Suarez declared that there was a migration crisis in his city as well. “The Coast Guard has handled 408 migrants on our coast just in the last two months. Over 14,000 new students entered our public school system just last year, 10,000 of whom were from four nations: Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Haiti. And that equates to five brand-new, 2,000-student schools. It places a heavy burden on our system.

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