Is Mexico Migrant Center Fire, Homicide at US Border?

is mexico migrant center fire, homicide at us border

is mexico migrant center fire, homicide at us border

According to a prosecutor, the deaths of at least 39 migrants in a fire at a detention facility in Mexico are being investigated as possible homicides. He also accused those in charge of failing to evacuate the victims.

Fire suffered by Mexico migrant center near US border is under suspicion- Homicide !

Mexico Migrant Center Faced Fire Near US Border

After it appeared that guards were leaving as a cell containing migrants was on fire in video surveillance footage, authorities came under increasing scrutiny for how they handled the disaster.

Sara Irene Herrerias, a prosecutor who specializes in human rights, said that although an investigation has been opened “for the crime of homicide and damage to property,” other possible crimes will also be taken into account.

She told reporters that neither the government employees nor the private security guards did anything to help the migrants who were already inside.

At the same press conference, security minister Rosa Icela Rodriguez stated that eight people have been named as suspects in the failure. They are five members of a private security firm, two federal agents, and a state immigration official.

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According to Herrerias, the prosecution has already asked for several arrest warrants.

Before the tragedy in Ciudad Juárez, close to the US border, Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador vowed there would be “no impunity.”

He continued, “Those found to have caused this painful tragedy will be punished following the law.”

According to Lopez Obrador, the migrants are thought to have started the fire themselves to protest deportations on Tuesday.

As flames and smoke quickly fill the building, three guards can be seen leaving migrants in their cells in a widely circulated surveillance video, whose reliability has been verified by the government.

Because the video showed that migrants “were left inside the cells without any chance of getting to safety,” El Salvador, which claimed that some of its citizens had suffered serious injuries, demanded that those in charge of the facility be disciplined.

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre expressed “condolences for the tragic loss of life” in Washington and called the video “heartbreaking.”

She mentioned that officials from the two nations had spoken and suggested that some of the injured might be permitted to receive medical care in the United States.

Numerous migrants camped out overnight in Ciudad Juárez outside the National Migration Institute (INM) facility to learn more about their family members and friends.

According to Mexican authorities, those killed and hurt came from Guatemala, Honduras, Venezuela, El Salvador, Colombia, and Ecuador.

The administration of US President Joe Biden has been attempting to stop the record-breaking number of migrants and asylum seekers who are traveling to the US on frequently hazardous journeys arranged by human smugglers.

The majority of those attempting to enter the United States illegally from Mexico do so to escape the poverty and violence in Central and South America. Each month, about 200,000 people attempt to do so.

The International Organization for Migration reports that since 2014, over 7,600 migrants have perished or died while traveling through the Americas.

The UN agency estimates that 4,400 of those individuals died or disappeared along the US-Mexico border crossing route.

Our Stand-

To be very clear we have been covering many issues at the US-Mexico border have reported many bad incidents with migrants since the last week of December 2022.
This time a migrant center fire is not a minor issue, all threads are connected, we demand fair investigation and human rights organization’s involvement.

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