Mexico Migrant Center Faced Fire Near US Border – 38 Dead

mexico migrant center faced fire near us border 38 dead

mexico migrant center faced fire near us border 38 dead

Mexico’s Ciudad Juarez: Authorities reported that at least 38 people died in a fire at a Mexican immigration detention facility close to the US border, believed to have been started by migrants protesting their deportation, prompting calls for justice on Tuesday.

Numerous ambulances and firefighters were called to the National Migration Institute (INM) building in Ciudad Juarez after a fire broke out late on Monday.

According to President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, the migrants are thought to have started the fire as a protest because they were concerned about being deported.

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He told reporters, “They set mats at the shelter’s door and set them on fire as a protest, and they did not imagine that it would cause this terrible tragedy.

Filippo Grandi, the High Commissioner for Refugees for the United Nations, expressed solidarity with the victims’ families and urged the nations in the area “to deal with growing population flows through the Americas in a humane, just, and effective manner.”

Outside the detention center, anger increased as family members chanted for justice close to a makeshift shrine honoring the victims.

Every migrant has the right to safety and protection, according to Venezuelan Fran Martin Perez.

We’re not criminals, he continued.

According to Amnesty International, Mexico, and the United States “restrictive and cruel immigration policies” were to blame for the fire.

“These tragic occurrences expose a system of immigration enforcement that is incredibly inhumane. How is it possible that the Mexican government locked up people without providing them with a means of escape? “Director of the rights organization for the Americas, Erika Guevara-Rosas.

Video poses issues about the fire at Mexico migrant center.

According to video surveillance footage that was broadcast by several media outlets and verified by a government minister, guards at the detention facility appeared to be leaving as a cell containing migrants was engulfed in flames.

“Since last night, we have had this video. But we must be careful not to obstruct the investigations out of respect for the victims “Adan Augusto Lopez, the interior minister, commented on the pictures.

What did the victims say?

A Venezuelan woman identified only as Viangly waited impatiently for details regarding her 27-year-old husband.

She said, her voice breaking, “A family member can die and they don’t tell you he’s dead.”

The INM reported that the center housed 68 adult males from Central and South America and that at least 38 immigrants were killed and 28 others hurt. The death toll was increased from an earlier INM count of 40 victims.

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