Migrants Put into Restaurant Work Placement Program in New York

migrants put into restaurant work placement program in new york

migrants put into restaurant work placement program in new york

Migrants and asylum seekers came here to work, so let’s put them to work, says New York Governor Kathy Hochul. With ongoing strikes restaurants, hotels and other businesses are struggling to find workers amid a workforce crisis. 

Hochul believes that by connecting work eligible individuals with jobs in New York, the city can secure a brighter future for all New Yorkers. The state of New York has implemented a placement program, with 379 companies eager to hire work eligible immigrants and asylum seekers. Moreover, the state has set aside $1.7 billion to provide shelter and assistance to the migrants. 

18,000 Job Openings in New York

Hochul said jobs are accessible through a new portal that is run by New York’s Department of Labor. The Biden administration already gave the go-ahead to Venezuelan asylum seekers, late last month, for work permits through the US’s temporary protected status program (TPS). The New York Governor said they have 400 employers having 18,000 job openings in hospitality, health and social service, manufacturing, retail and construction. 

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She added that the city will continue to push Washington and Congress for work authorizations for more people. “The Venezuelans is a good start, but it’s not going to take care of the people who come in from Mauritania and Congo, and other parts of South America and Central America, West Africa. We have people from Iraq and Afghanistan, and Russia because everyone is finding their way to that southern border.” 

However, Hochul is also calling on President Joe Biden to limit the number of people coming in. She believes the US is too open right now. “People coming from all over the world are finding their way through, simply because they need asylum.” She highlighted that the majority of the migrants end up on the streets of New York. 

Crooked and Shady Employers and Work Agencies

Hildalyn Colon Hernandez, deputy director at New Immigrant Community Empowerment (NICE) an advocacy group, welcomed the work placement initiative but said it’s the perfect storm for unscrupulous employers and unscrupulous employment agencies. She pointed out that there has been an increase in complaints about fraudulent agencies. 

Employment agencies are known to direct people to work that exist outside of the authorized job market. Advocates say the recent wave of migrants in New York is ripe for exploitation because they are desperate to find jobs as quickly as possible. They are not aware of the state’s regulations and the US’s laws protecting workers.

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