Advancing Workers’ Rights: Bangladesh’s New Trade Union for Migrant Workers

advancing workers' rights bangladesh's new trade union for migrant workers

advancing workers’ rights bangladesh’s new trade union for migrant workers

Six garment worker federations in Bangladesh have teamed up with a domestic women workers’ union to form the “Trade Union Platform for Migrant Workers” to support the rights and welfare of migrant workers. The platform, which was just formally introduced, attempts to routinely address migrant workers’ rights, a subject of conversation that has hitherto been infrequent.

Members of the Outset and Organizational Structure

The Trade Union Platform for Migrant Workers is governed by an 11-member governing council, who were chosen to direct its operations for the ensuing two years. The dedication of this group to fight for the rights of migrant workers was emphasized by Babul Akhter, general secretary of the Bangladesh Garment and Industrial Workers Federation. A domestic women workers‘ union and several garment worker federations are notable founder members.

The Platform’s Objectives

Creating a just and secure environment for migration, both domestically and internationally, is the main goal of the Trade Union Platform for Migrant Workers. The platform aims to protect the rights of migrant workers and reduce prejudice against them. 

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Associate Founding Members

In addition to the founding members, four other organizations have become associate founder members without voting rights. The objectives of the platform are furthered with the assistance of these organizations, which also include the Bangladeshi Ovhibashi Mohila Sramik Association, Bangladesh Centre for Workers Solidarity, Solidarity Centre, Bangladesh, and Awaj Foundation.

Leadership and Governance

Lily Gomes will serve as the Member Secretary of the trade union’s governing council, while Chandon Kumar Dey has been elected as its president. Their leadership will guide the platform’s objectives and actions in promoting migrant workers’ rights, along with the combined efforts of the governing council.

The Trade Union Platform for Migrant Workers in Bangladesh’s creation is an important milestone in advancing the rights and welfare of migrant workers. By concentrating on establishing a just and secure environment for migration, this platform aims to solve the ongoing difficulties experienced by migrant workers and guarantee their rights to fair treatment in both local and international contexts.

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