Migrant entry numbers into Europe hit a six-year high

migrant entry numbers into europe hit a six year high

migrant entry numbers into europe hit a six year high

Last updated on October 7th, 2023 at 06:08 am

Recently Frontex released a report on Friday, in which the data showed that the entries In the European Union a 64% increase from the previous year to 2021 was set Highest level reached since 2016.

The EU border agency said around 330,000 entries were detected and 45% of them entered through the western Balkans.

Frontex said in their statement that “This was the second year in a row with a sharp increase in the number of irregular entries, The number of Syrians doubled to 94000.”

The Syrians are fleeing mostly because of the conflicts in their region.

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Though the entry via the Central Mediterranean route increased and reached 100,000. Fewer than one in 10 of crossings are female, the agency said, while the share of reported minors has dropped to nearly nine percent of all unregulated entries. In the trial of the cross, the border percentage of men was 80% they added.

The fact is that the agency counts entry attempts rather than the number of people trying to enter Europe. Because it is difficult to trace migrants who regularly travel without passports, and some attempt to enter multiple times.

People have a fair chance of being allowed near the border of Europe as asylum. But on the other hand, most of those who come without a visa are turned back.

The report showed that  Tunisians Egyptians and Bangladeshis are at the top in terms of the number of tries to cross the border.

The latest figures released by Frontex did not include some 13 million Ukrainian refugees. So, the data is seeking the attention of the globe!

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