Looking for attaining a better work-life balance? These hacks can be life-saving!

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few hacks or tricks that one can follow in a quest to achieve a better balance at work and personal life

Last updated on October 28th, 2020 at 12:18 pm

With a greater part of the year gone tackling the Covid-19 pandemic and majority of professionals working from home, many companies have now opted for the work from home option for their employees. At the first glance, it may seem as a great way of having extra hours at hand with no commute in question, but in reality, it is quite the opposite. With nowhere to go and practically round-the-clock availability, the days are long for the employees with no separation between the professional and personal lives. Working from home is like a rampant encroachment on personal space. It is rather hard to create a boundary and adhere to it strictly.

There are, however, few hacks or tricks that one can follow in a quest to achieve a better balance at work and personal life.

Morning routine – small but meaningful inclusion

Starting the day off with a great morning routine can get one’s rhythm rolling and lay a positive and solid foundation to the day. The morning routine, for instance, can be a fine amalgamation of meditation, exercise, reflection, and such positive attributes, day can be started on a purposeful and confident note.

Create a dedicated workspace

Having a separate and dedicated workstation does a simple trick – gives a sense of separation of your work routine from personal space. It is a simple sense of familiarity – when you sit on the work chair you are in work mode, and when on couch its time to relax.

Set a time limit

Just like working in office, time yourself while working at home too. Set time to take a break from work every 2 hours or so. It helps in breaking the monotony and increase productivity in return.

Avoid calls outside work timing

Attending work calls in morning or evening beyond office timing is the number one cause of imbalanced work and life balance. Spending that time in personal activities that can help in rejuvenation must be kept at priority.

These simple tricks can help striking a balance between work and personal life. This will in turn help in relaxing and reducing the work stress due to prolonged work hours.

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