LGBTQ Community Rallies Against New State Laws In Tennessee

lgbtq community rallies against new state laws in tennessee

lgbtq community rallies against new state laws in tennessee

Memphis- Activists are outraged as a number of anti-LGBTQ bills make their way through the Tennessee legislature.

At least a hundred people gathered today at Out Memphis in Midtown to discuss the bills.

In this afternoon’s meeting, we heard from a number of speakers from different organizations in the city. But one common theme was that this election is crucial to protecting LGBTQ rights.

There were more than 100 people out to rally for LGBTQ rights on a rainy afternoon in Midtown.

Lacretia Carroll, Assistant Professor at UTHSC and member of OUTMemphis’ board, stated, “These bills and this legislation are harmful, violent, and stupid as hell.”

More than 20 bills have been introduced in the Tennessee legislature that they claim deny them basic freedoms.

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Drag performances for minors are banned under one of them- which is currently awaiting the governor’s signature.

This is an attack on everything queer people have worked to build, Hunny Blunt, a drag queen, said.

Legislators who voted for this bill say they are protecting our children by preventing minors from receiving transgender-related healthcare.

“We won’t have any kind of whack doctor come into this state and do double mastectomy surgeries on children suffering from body dysmorphia,” said William Lamberth, House majority leader.

However, advocates say that trans rights are human rights and healthcare should not be politicized.

It is feared that if this passes, it will serve as a blueprint for other anti-LGBTQ bills to follow.

OUTMEMPHIS’ Jenna Dunn said, “They’ll come for all of our rights, all of your rights, until there’s nothing left. So everyone should band together and fight this because it’s just the beginning.”

Voting in the next election is the most important thing people can do to prevent these bills from becoming law.

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