Labour Rights in a Changing Climate: ILO Raises Alarm Over Key Issues

Climate change is one of the major issues that every country is facing in today’s time.

Climate change is one of the major issues that every country is facing in today’s time.

Climate change is one of the major issues that every country is facing in today’s time. Climate change has deeply affected the safety and health of workers all around the world. Workers are the ones who are most exposed to the hazards of climate change, but despite this, they cannot do anything and have to work in hazardous environments, even if it is dangerous for their lives. Global occupational safety and health protections are still struggling to handle the evolving risks due to climate change, which has resulted in morbidity and worker mortality.

What is climate change?

Climate change means long-term shifts in weather patterns and temperatures. Human activities are the main cause of climate change, mainly because of the burning of fossil fuels like oil and gas. Climate change is one of the major reasons why every country around the world is experiencing this extreme weather. Heatwaves, droughts, wildfires, and heavy rains are now taking place more often and at a more dangerous level. Climate change is negatively affecting workers in every corner of the world. Workers are the ones who are most exposed to the impacts of climate change. 

Climate change adversely affects the health and safety of the workers who face the dangers of climate change first. Climate change can cause many hazardous diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, injuries, cardiovascular disease, and mental health issues.

Need for Labour Rights Protection

Labour rights are crucial to protecting workers and giving them suitable and safe working conditions. Worker rights comprise a wide range of human rights, which include the right to decent work, equal opportunity, and protection against forced labour and discrimination.

Every country in this world has its own laws to protect the rights of its workers.

Labour rights are needed for upholding human dignity, social justice, and fair working conditions.It is important for the countries to practise their labour rights to provide better working conditions and prevent the workers from working in hazardous conditions.

Impact of Climate Change on Workers

A number of workers are already facing the consequences of climate change, and this problem is going to get worse. Many workers lost their lives due to fatal diseases, exposures and disabilities. Certain groups of workers, like farmers, are in more danger as they work in hazardous conditions.

New OSH policies should be adopted.

As the consequences of climate change are getting worse, new rules should be practised, and it is also to ensure that workers work in a safe environment. OSH considerations should be added to various climate-related policies. The newly created rules should be combined with the previous ones for efficient results.

Greening practices can lead to new OSH policies.

Many companies are playing a significant role in reducing climate change by finding various ways to reduce emissions and practising sustainable work practices. Many green industries and technologies are also emerging to help fight the problem of climate change. However, these new strategies can end up being more dangerous, especially when the required infrastructure and OSH protection are not available.

Rising Political Attention to Climate Change

However, positive steps are taken in the right direction to tackle climate change. The practice of new OSH policies helps in addressing the hazards caused by climate change. Various international events, like COP 28, can help maintain momentum. It is important for everyone to understand the importance of workers rights and provide them with safe and secure working conditions.

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