How To Survive Office Politics: 7 Survival Tips

survival office politics

survival office politics

Working with people at the office is sometimes hard. Office politics means the fights, power struggles, and hidden situations that happen at work. Dealing with these tricky social situations needs special skills and control over your emotions. Office politics may seem unavoidable, but there are tricks you can use to survive and do well. This article gives seven practical tips to help you handle office politics successfully.

Survival Tip 1: Stay Out of Drama

One of the best ways to avoid office politics is to stay away from drama and gossip. Don’t spread rumors or take sides in fights that aren’t your problem. Instead, act professionally and focus on doing your job duties. By staying out of the drama, you are less likely to become a target or get pulled into conflicts you don’t need to be in.

Survival Tip 2: Build Positive Work Relationships

Having good, positive relationships with your coworkers can help with office politics. Try to get to know people, not just on your team but in other departments too. Offer to help when you can, be happy for their successes, and try to be a reliable, supportive team member. By building these positive connections, you’ll likely have friends who can give you helpful information and support when you need it.

Survival Tip 3: Watch and Listen Carefully

One key to dealing with office politics is to pay close attention and listen. Notice how people act and the power levels in your workplace. See how different people interact and the little details of how they communicate. By understanding these small things, you’ll be better able to expect any potential fights or issues and respond properly.

Survival Tip 4: Stay Positive

Bad feelings can spread fast. Office politics often makes people negative and mad. But having a good attitude helps. Look at things with an open mind. Focus on fixing problems, not just complaining. Try to be positive and professional at work. This will help people see you as a calm, reliable person.  

Survival Tip 5: Focus on Your Job  

Office politics can distract you. But remember, your main job is to do your work well. Work hard on giving good quality work. Meet your deadlines. Keep learning new skills. Doing excellent work helps you get through any office politics issues.

Survival Tip 6: Speak Up The Right Way

If something concerns you or stops you from doing your job, you need to speak up properly. Don’t complain openly or gossip. Instead, set up a private meeting with your boss or HR person. Explain your concerns calmly and be ready with some solutions.  

Survival Tip 7: Take Breaks

Dealing with office politics is very tiring for the mind and emotions. To stay well, it’s important to take breaks. Do activities that help you relax like exercise, hobbies, or spend time with family/friends. Make sure to have a balanced time for work and life outside work.

Office politics are an unavoidable reality in many workplaces, but they don’t have to derail your career or compromise your integrity. By staying out of drama, building positive relationships, observing, maintaining a positive attitude, prioritizing your work performance, addressing concerns professionally, and practicing self-care, you can successfully navigate these challenges. Remember, your ability to navigate office politics with grace and professionalism can be a valuable asset in your career development.

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