Climate Change And Environmental Destruction Affecting Human Rights In Every Country

Climate Change And Environmental Destruction Affecting Human Rights In Every Country

Climate Change And Environmental Destruction Affecting Human Rights In Every Country

Human Rights are crucial for the well-being and better lifestyle of every individual. Climate and environmental change are very significant for the human rights movement. Many people were affected due to so many reasons including droughts, shortage of water, pollution, desertification, and storms. According to the 2023 report of Amnesty International on human rights, last year millions of people faced major problems which affected their lives badly.

Impacts Reported in Amnesty International Report

Libya which was already a conflicted area was hit by Storm Daniel due to intense climate change. Due to the storm, two dams broke down because of which almost 40,000 people were displaced and many people lost their lives.

Whereas in Azerbaijan the protestors who were protesting against the construction of a mine waste dam near their community were violently suppressed by the security forces.

In Canada, wildfire caused the burning of the whole area which resulted in damaging the houses of the locals because of which 15,000 people had to evacuate the area. This wildfire caused air pollution also sending the affected air quality in big cities like New York and Pittsburgh.

Environmental Issues And Human Rights Are Connected

Amnesty International’s report which was released last month for the first time highlighted the relationship between environmental issues and human rights by defining how well countries are upholding the rights of their citizens to have a healthy environment. The right to a healthy environment was recognized by the United Nations General Assembly in 2022. The recognition of these rights signifies the connection between environmental issues and human rights. The health of an individual, access to clean water and food, and ability to be employed all depend upon a healthy environment.

Amnesty International’s director of Climate, economic, social justice, and corporate accountability program Marta Schaaf stated that the report depicts that environmental and climate change are deeply affecting the lives of people in every country, especially the marginalized people’s lives are very much impacted.

Impact of Climate Change And Environmental Issues on Human Rights

In Myanmar, the Rohingya Community has been displaced for many years over a conflict and the families have to live in makeshift camps in Rakhine State. In May 2023 cyclone Mocha affected 3.4 million people, especially the children who lost their families.

Rohingya is not alone, other countries like Pakistan, Malawi, Rwanda, and France also witnessed climate-related issues like floods, and droughts because of which poor communities of these countries were very badly impacted.

What Amnesty International Report Suggested?

Not every country’s government is capable and has the resources to overcome situations due to climate change. The report has suggested that developed countries should increase their climate fund so that they can help the developing and under-developed nations to adapt to the situation of climate change and also overcome the impacts of it. The developed nations in the past have emitted lots of greenhouse gases and have gained profit from it and now the poor countries are facing the consequences.

Increasing Danger for Environment Defenders

The report also focused on the increasing danger for the people who are trying to protect the environment. Amnesty International’s report has declared Honduras one of the most dangerous places for environment defenders. The other places that were also included in the list of risky places for environment defenders include Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Canadá, Ecuador, and El Salvador.

The report highlighted that various projects of oil, gas, and mining are the reasons why the lives of the people are negatively impacted. The report stated that the US is one of the largest exporters of liquified natural gas but the contributions of the country in climate finances is very low. The United States is also the largest plastic producer in the world with its factories established in poor countries.

Marta Schaaf said that they are looking ahead to 2024 and future years. Her team is focusing on various issues related to finance in climate and taxation, false information about climate change, and how unwanted solutions can affect climate change.

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