IPL 2023: How to balance work and life?

ipl 2023 how to balance work and life

ipl 2023 how to balance work and life

Having trouble juggling work while the Indian Premier League is in session? 

Don’t worry; here are some preparation and planning tips for the IPL games you want to watch. These tips can also help you stay motivated at work.

IPL 2023: Fans Are you Ready for it?

IPL phir se aa gaya hai! The Indian Premier League’s 2023 theme song is self-explanatory. The Indian Premier League (IPL) brings with it all the fervor, euphoria, wagers among family and friends, and the rush to pick your favorite teams based on the states you are from, your favorite players, or, occasionally, the actor who owns the team. Right, Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Rider fans?

The pressure to balance work and play comes with the eagerly anticipated league season as well. A devoted IPL fan laments, “I have seen myself juggle between the game and my work a lot during IPL, and it prevents me from enjoying my leisure time guilt-free.”

We have made an effort to make it simple for people like him and the numerous other people out there. 

Here we are with some advice that will help you strike a balance between work and play in the IPL 2023

Prepare in advance

“I have seen people who, because of poor planning, were unable to even take part in their favorite sport. Setting priorities for your work is therefore essential in this situation. According to media consultant and enthusiast for human psychology Vineet Sharma, that starts with adhering to a set schedule. Correctly so! When the IPL is in session, you should start with this. Plan your month if you can. IPL games take place at a predetermined time each year. This year, it will either be 3.30 or 7.30 pm depending on the game schedule. Plan your work schedule as best you can based on the IPL schedule for 2023.

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And be sure to follow the schedule if you don’t want to miss any IPL experiences.

How to prepare and plan

To set goals:

Set definite, specific goals for the work you must accomplish. Determine what must be done and divide it into smaller, more manageable tasks. Set due dates for each task and concentrate on finishing each one in turn.

Set work priorities by Establishing the priorities for the tasks based on their importance. Make a to-do list and start with the tasks that are most urgent and important.

Establish a schedule:

Plan your day so that you can balance your work and IPL viewing. Set aside specific times for work and the IPL and adhere to them. This will assist you in avoiding becoming preoccupied with the IPL and slacking off at work.

Catch up on IPL news during a busy workday.

No matter how busy your schedule becomes, you might still want to miss the action on the pitch. And on some days, you might not be able to. Right? This increases the desire to frequently check your phone to view the current standings. But take note—this might be annoying. No one is permitted to ride in two boats at once. Your ability to multitask in this way can be detrimental.

Decide on a specific time to catch up on news and updates rather than constantly checking IPL scores and updates while at work. This can keep you informed and prevent you from getting sidetracked.

Use IPL to inspire others

Now, using this technique can help you stay motivated at work. Why not use your diversion as motivation to get things done?

Make a playlist that is inspired by the IPL:

An excellent source of inspiration and motivation is music. To stay inspired and motivated while working, make a playlist with IPL songs. This could include the IPL anthems from every season from 2008 to 2023 or team anthems such as those for the Mumbai Indians, KKR, and Chennai Super Kings, among others. However, only use it as a motivator to finish your work on time so you can watch the game.

Indulge in a guilt-free match day as a reward:

There might have been days when you had to catch up on work so quickly that you couldn’t watch your favorite game. Right? Make sure to reserve a day when you can enjoy the matches guilt-free as a way to make up for days like these. 

On this day, try putting your work phone aside.

Why not treat yourself to some IPL events?

After finishing crucial work tasks, think about rewarding yourself with IPL experiences, like going to a live match or buying merchandise. This can give you something to anticipate and inspire you to maintain your concentration.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle throughout IPL

Work-life balance is defined by experts as a state or setting where a person can equally balance their personal and professional responsibilities while also prioritizing their health and well-being. Therefore, it involves more than just balancing work and the game. It goes beyond that.

Ensure you don’t skip your daily exercise:

You might want to skip your daily exercise while juggling work and the IPL. It’s entirely typical. But resist being seduced. A great way to improve your mood and productivity is through exercise. To keep your mind clear and energized during the IPL season, think about going for a quick walk or doing some yoga during your breaks.

Try preparing healthy snacks at home:

During the IPL, families are frequently seen gathered to watch matches while holding a bag of chips and a fizzy beverage in each hand. The game lasts for hours, just like snacking does. As a result, you either order food or eat snacks you already have. The founder of Quantum Leap Learning Solutions, Rajiv Talreja, advises removing food delivery apps during the IPL. Well, it is advised to switch to healthier options if you find yourself constantly snacking during the IPL. When he watches the IPL, food influencer Vidur Kapoor says he enjoys cooking chicken wraps, vegetable sandwiches, chicken sandwiches, or French omelets. 

You can experiment at home with other nutritious dishes.

A few quick pointers for office workers

If you work from the office, you might want to organize a team activity based on IPL games to make work more enjoyable.

Games like the IPL, according to Christopher Roberts, managing director of insight-based strategic consultancy Engaged Strategy, are ideal opportunities for businesses to inject at least 5% of the fun factor into the workplace and create significant opportunities for employee engagement. He offers the following easy advice:

Establish teams with mascots and logos, and give points for even the smallest accomplishments.

Create an open scoreboard with weekly awards given at a granular level to engage staff at all levels by involving the leadership in serving as team captains and mentors.

And that’s it. Make sure you take good care of yourself this IPL season and don’t allow yourself to become absorbed in the games and neglect your work. 

We sincerely hope that we were able to assist you in finding a healthy work-life balance.

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