How to increase productivity? Doing less is the way to go during pandemic

Increase Productivity

How to increase productivity? Doing less is the way to go during pandemic

Gone are the days when we were taught to achieve more success, money, productivity, joy and peace we need to work harder and work more. Now the answer to all these is to do less – subtract the work put into.

The research and evidences suggest that to increase our achievements and productivity the key lies in doing less. This holds the ground even more as we all are at home during pandemic, trying to balance our work and personal life. Inner joy and peace comes when we spare from “quantitative” work and focus on the “quality”. This leaves us with more free time to work on things that provide us true ‘joy and peace’ – happy self, increased productivity, low boredom and monotony in work.

So how to work on this concept while working from home, so as to tactfully balance work and life?

Follow a routine

Most important and possibly an obvious tip is to follow a routine. This gives a proper structure to the day. Knowing what follows helps in avoiding anxiety of unknown. Less stress helps in focusing on the work at hand, thereby increasing productivity in less time invested.

Focus on “purposeful” meetings

Working from home amid the pandemic has provided one advantage to the employees – purposed meetings are encouraged. This helps in a lot of time gained at hand to focus on important and productive tasks. Keeping the quantity of meetings or conference calls less will lead to increased productivity.

Be flexible and be easy on yourself

If a task is out of plan or schedule, flexibility is the answer to stay stress-free. Getting anxious will only hamper the quality of work. Productivity will be the next item to be get hampered.

Working from home is taxing for everyone which is taking a toll on productivity and peace of mind. The thin line between office and personal hours is getting dimmer by the day. We are spending more time on the work station but the productivity seems to be dipping in contrast. The solution is to focus on quality as against quantity – to achieve more, do less.

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