Full Moon And Its Relationship To Reality

full moon and its relationship to reality

full moon and its relationship to reality

The night sky has always been an amazing place to observe the full moon. It’s not just a lovely spectacle; it’s also profoundly significant on a spiritual and emotional level. Many people think that the full moon can have an impact on our emotions, actions, and even interpersonal relationships. We will investigate the relationship between the full moon and everyday reality in this blog post. We’ll explore its effects on humans and animals, myths about its power from around the world, and—most importantly—how to channel its power for self-improvement and change. According to a quote by Osho, “The moon is a friend for the lonesome to talk to.” Let’s start now!

Before going into the depth of the article, a gentle reminder that tomorrow, 5th May 2023, you can take a break from your busy schedule and watch the full moon night.

A full moon: what is it?

The Moon is fully illuminated by sunlight when the Earth is positioned so that it is between the Sun and the Moon at the time of the full moon. This brief lunar phase lasts for approximately 29.5 days each time.

Throughout history, the full moon has fascinated many cultures and been connected to a variety of rituals and practises. Others connect it with change or spiritual enlightenment, while others see it as a symbol of fertility, harvest, or rebirth.

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Each full moon in astrology is associated with a particular zodiac sign and carries that sign’s particular energies, which can have an impact on our feelings, interpersonal relationships, and life path. It’s thought that right now is a particularly intuitive time, when we have an easier time accessing our subconscious.

The full moon, in addition to having astrological and symbolic significance, is a natural occurrence that affects Earth’s tides because of its gravitational pull on bodies of water.

How does the full moon affect us?

It is well known that the full moon has a significant influence on both our emotional and physical health. Since we are mostly made of water, our bodies are also affected by the moon’s gravitational pull during this lunar phase, which is also when ocean tides are at their highest.

It is believed that a full moon can cause emotions to spike, increasing the likelihood of accidents or even criminal activity. This might be because of the lunar cycle’s potentially erratic behaviour and increased energy levels.

On the plus side, some claim that a full moon makes them feel more creative and energised. As we become more in tune with nature’s cycles, it can also be a time for reflection and introspection.

The full moon can be particularly significant for those who engage in spirituality or meditation because it is thought to be a potent time for manifestation and setting intentions. Through the ages, rituals and ceremonies honouring the full moon’s power have been practised by numerous cultures.

There is no denying that a large number of people experience its effects on their lives in one way or another, even though scientific evidence may not fully support all claims about how it affects us.

Full moon and human connection

Human connection has been known to be greatly impacted by the full moon. The full moon, in particular, has been said to elicit strong emotions of love, passion, and even aggression, which has led many people to believe that the lunar cycle is closely related to our emotional states. We might experience increased sensitivity to the feelings of those around us during this time.

Some cultures consider the full moon to be a time to celebrate romance and kinship. For instance, according to Hindu mythology, the festival of Holi occurs annually around the time of the full moon in either March or April. This festival strengthens family ties and celebrates fresh starts.

In addition to how it affects romantic relationships, the full moon also gives many people a sense of community. Its dazzling light may have contributed to this in part by illuminating our surroundings and physically bringing us together. During this time, some people even plan neighbourhood gatherings outside or drum circles.

There’s no denying the full moon’s power to deepen bonds between people, whether you’re celebrating with your significant other or spending time with friends and family in its light.

Full moon and animals

Animals are naturally able to detect changes in their surroundings. The behaviour of various animals can be influenced by the full moon, which is no exception. For example, under the light of a full moon, some nocturnal animals, like wolves and owls, may become more active.

The moon’s phases are also known to have an impact on marine life. On a full moon, marine creatures like crabs and lobsters move closer to the shore during high tide, making it simpler for predators to catch them.

Sea turtles use the light emitted by a full moon to precisely time when they lay their eggs on beaches at night between the months of May and October, which is an amazing example. They have an innate sense of when to return to the ocean after laying their eggs.

Unexpectedly, research has revealed that even domesticated animals like dogs and cats are susceptible to the effects of a full moon! Due to an increase in aggressive or anxious pet behaviour, veterinary clinics report more admissions during this time.

Exploring how animals interact with nature’s cycles has always been important, especially in light of our own relationship with its rhythms.

How to harness the power of the full moon

The full moon is regarded as a potent time for manifestation, reflection, and change. Here are some suggestions for utilising the full moon’s energy in your life:

1.  Set intentions: Before the full moon, take some time to consider what you want to attract into your life or let go of. During the full moon, make a list of your intentions and imagine them coming true.

2. Create a ritual: Play soothing music, light candles, burn incense or sage, and meditate during the full moon. Another way to practise gratitude is to write down all the things you have to be thankful for while the moon is full.

3. Connect with nature: During the full moon, spend time outside, especially in natural settings like parks or forests. Inhale deeply and take in all that good vibes.

4. Cleanse your crystals: Set your crystals outside in the full moonlight to purify their energies and give them a lunar power boost.

Keep in mind that every person has a different experience with the lunar cycle; use what speaks to you to develop a customised routine that feels genuine and meaningful for you.

Full moon myths from around the world

All over the world, full moon myths and legends have been passed down from generation to generation. The full moon is regarded as a potent time for manifestation and magic in some cultures. Some people think it has a darker meaning.

The goddess of the hunt, Artemis, was closely associated with the full moon in ancient Greek culture. They even held rituals outside in the full moon as part of a festival honouring her called The Festival of Artemis.

There is a well-known legend in Japanese mythology about a rabbit who bakes mochi (rice cakes) on the moon. It is said that if you look at specific craters on the surface of our nearest neighbour, you can see this rabbit.

Native American folklore holds that each full moon has a unique name that is based on the natural phenomena that occurred during that particular month. For instance, June’s Full Moon is referred to as the “Strawberry Moon” because it coincides with North America’s strawberry season.

Similar to this, Hindu culture believes that various holidays should be observed in accordance with lunar cycles, with Sharad Purnima being observed around the time of the Indian calendar’s harvest equinox.

Despite cultural differences, many people are still drawn to witnessing and capturing the energy of this phenomenon each month when it illuminates the night sky.


The full moon has a significant impact on both us and the environment. It denotes a period of heightened feelings, creativity, and interpersonal connection. The full moon is a natural wonder that merits our attention, whether or not you believe in its mystical qualities.

We can tap into our inner strength and discover fresh ways to connect with those around us by channelling its energy through rituals like meditation or journaling. Remember what Osho once said: “Don’t be afraid of the emptiness – it is your best friend.”

Consider your life and how you can live more realistically during the next full moon, then. Take this chance to let go of anything preventing you from connecting with people authentically and to fully appreciate everything that this wonderful night has to offer. Enjoy the full moon!

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