Amazon Layoffs Affect Employees In 3 Continents; Details Inside

amazon layoffs affect employees in 3 continents; details inside

amazon layoffs affect employees in 3 continents; details inside

The latest round of layoffs by Amazon Music’s editorial and audio content team have affected employees in three continents — South America, North America and Europe. 

On Wednesday, Amazon, an American multinational technology company, sent notices about layoffs to several employees in Latin America, North America and Europe. Layoffs were conducted in Amazon Music’s editorial and audio content team.

An Amazon spokeswoman said, “We have been closely monitoring our organizational needs and prioritizing what matters most to the long-term health of our businesses. Some roles have been eliminated on the Amazon Music team. We will continue to invest in Amazon Music.”

How many Amazon employees have been eliminated?

Employees from the Amazon Music department have been impacted by the latest layoff. However, it is still unclear how many positions have been eliminated from the company. Various employees in the three continents received the layoff mail on Wednesday.

The recent layoffs come despite Amazon’s third-quarter net income exceeding analyst estimates. 

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Amazon layoffs

Earlier this year, Amazon layoff affected 18,000 roles from different departments across the world. The layoff affected AWS, PXT, Advertising, and Twitch departments. Later on, Amazon laid off another 9,000 employees from cloud computing, human resources, and advertising departments. 

In April, Amazon fired 100 employees from Amazon Studios as part of cost-cutting measures. In July, Amazon laid off employees within its Fresh Grocery stores as part of a restructuring process.

Andy Jassy, the president and chief executive officer of Amazon, admitted that Amazon laid off around 27,000 employees. It was the biggest layoff in Amazon’s history. 

An employee, who worked as a business analyst at Amazon, was also laid off from the company in January. However, later on, Amazon tried to rehire him four times but he declined the offer. Amazon laid off employee in major cost-cutting measures. Amazon layoff affected him because he was left jobless. Despite not having a job, he decided to reject Amazon’s re-hire attempts, saying that he had lost trust in the organization because Amazon fired him without justification.

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