5 things  a working woman would know

5 things a working woman would know

5 things a working woman would know

A new-age woman with new expectations at the workplace. By breaking all the classical threads of patriotism, they are working by breaking the bars of the house.

Ask any working woman or know someone who is. They have faced any of these problems in the workplace

Here is the list of 5 very common problems which women face during his career:

1) Taken as junior level employee

This is flattering sometimes but It is a quite blow to the self-esteem of a woman. Majorly in an organization, people always think a woman is a junior-level employee! Many times my fault. But why not do they think women can be a CEO too? Why do women always need to announce that she is an entrepreneur’s PR or CEO?

Maybe you are thinking I am just catching sympathy for them, but data shows that only 27% of the women are working as a manager this time.

Does it not bother you to think why a woman would only be expected to have a junior-level role? Around 48% is just in the position of entry-level in the system!

2) “She”- A junior employee

As junior employees, women work in the unorganized sector. A large number of women are working as domestic help, and assistants and are hired in other menial pursuits. Sadly, a large number of women are unaware of their full potential due to sexist notions and wrong practices.

3) Unaware of the Work-life balance

72% find this idea a challenge. Women are reaching their peak after getting more degrees. 21.5% of women provide unpaid care but only 1.5% of men do so.

They do not think of work-life balance in this run of survival!

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4. Equal Opportunity is a dream

After getting to work women feel it difficult to find equal opportunities in organizations. They need to perform endless labor to prove themselves worthy. For promotion or increment in the title, she needs to perform more work. We cannot say the social barrier is no more for women in the work profession.

We have seen the challenges people throw on women in the name of post-maternity, period cramps, etc.

5. Sex factor

Bitter but truth about the workplace 55% of women in senior roles have experienced sexual harassment. These are top executives – educated trained hard working but they had faced many sexual barriers in their carrier.

We come from a patriarchal culture, and many movements are successfully carried out by feminists but still, it is a difficult task to overcome the unconscious biases that accompany a woman in the pursuit of her dreams.

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