36 Laborers From Jharkhand Stranded In Tajikistan For 2-Months: Official

36 laborers from jharkhand stranded in tajikistan for 2 months, official

36 laborers from jharkhand stranded in tajikistan for 2 months, official

Delhi: An official said the state administration is working to ensure the safe return of all 36 migrant workers from Jharkhand state who are stranded in Tajikistan for the last two months.

The migrants who are in trouble said to sources that they were hired for the business. The work was to build a power transmission line. They took their passports, gave them little to eat, and didn’t pay them at all, these are the basic reasons why they got stuck in Tajikistan.

These things were told by Sikandar Ali – who is a social worker and informed the authorities about the condition of the workers in Jharkhand, India.

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How and Why did 36 laborers go there?

According to Sikandar Ali, the workers traveled to the Central Asian country in the year 2022 on December 19. The good pay by the company’s agents in India was the reason for them to go to another country.

The laborers who migrated from Jharkhand to Tajikistan belonged to different districts of Hazaribagh, Bokaro, and Giridih.

The relatives of the trapped laborers have complained to Hazaribagh DC Nancy Sahay that they have been forced to live like bonded laborers – The report of PTI.

Then Nancy Sahay stepped forward, she said that based on the complaints, I informed the State Migrant Cell to take up the issue with the concerned authorities and find ways for the release of the laborers and their safe return to their native places. as soon as possible.

This is not the first time Indian workers going for other reasons for work faced humiliation and many difficulties, even in Sri Lanka and Nepal, Bangladesh Indian workers faced harassment and trouble, terror.

What is the reason behind this? Why is it not a right for Indian migrant laborers to labor or to be human?

Why aren’t so many humanitarians and labor rights activists in alert mode?

However, we are waiting on what the Government of India will do next for the safe return of the laborers of Jharkhand!

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