Afghanistan Famine: Millions Of Afghans May Starve To Death, UN Warns

afghanistan famine, millions of afghans may starve to death, un warns

afghanistan famine, millions of afghans may starve to death, un warns

Afghanistan, ravaged by nearly four decades of war, is now in the grip of famine in the midst of a severe winter. With Afghanistan facing a severe humanitarian crisis amid ongoing political chaos and a volatile security situation under Taliban rule, the United Nations (UN) has warned that two-thirds of the Afghan population is facing extreme hunger and They are in urgent need of help.

TOLOnews said that about 6 million Afghans are facing the threat of famine. Omar Abid, UNICEF Deputy Executive Director, urged the international community not to forget the basic rights of women and children in Afghanistan and called for humanitarian aid.

The latest United Nations data expanded by Worldometer shows that the current population of Afghanistan as of Monday, February 6, 2023, is 41,201,762.

It comes as Afghanistan’s most vulnerable citizens have requested aid from relief agencies. Safar Ali is working as a laborer – transporting materials by wheelbarrow in the capital city of Kabul.

Economists said that if the international institutions do not pay attention to the situation in Afghanistan, there will be a catastrophe.

Shakir Yakubi, an economist at TOLOnews, said, “If donors do not give serious attention to aid organizations in this regard, we will face a humanitarian catastrophe.”

Not recognized by most of the international community, the Taliban-led government continues to violate basic human rights and women’s rights in Afghanistan.

The humanitarian crisis in the country has deepened as the Taliban took control of Afghanistan after capturing Kabul following the withdrawal of US-led NATO forces. Afghans have no amenities , and people there are not allowed to speak freely.

Afghan women have no future due to restrictions placed on aspects of their lives by the Taliban within 10 months of their takeover. The United Nations Mission in Afghanistan expressed concern about the announcement, saying that the decision contradicts several assurances regarding the respect and protection of human rights for all Afghans, including women and girls.

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