US Lifts Import Ban On Malaysian Glove Maker YTY

us lifts import ban on malaysian glove maker yty

us lifts import ban on malaysian glove maker yty

Last updated on October 7th, 2023 at 06:05 am

On this Thursday the United States lifted a one-year ban from YTY- which is an importer of goods made by Malaysian rubber glove maker.

The firm has addressed the suspected labor abuses- YTY Industries Holdings Sdn Bhd, said. U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) banned YTY products in January, 2022, citing substantial evidence showing the use of “forced labor” in YTY’s manufacturing operations, including degrading living and working conditions. The condition of doing was included.

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On Thursday, CBP said YTY has taken many remedial steps to address forced labor indicators, And that the company has reimbursed the migrant workers for the recruitment fees paid by them and has initiated an independent social audit. The customs agency said in a statement YTY Group’s disposable gloves are no longer being produced using forced labor.

Though palm oil and medical gloves leading suppliers’ Malaysian companies all came under the boundary of suspected abuse of foreign workers. A significant portion of the country’s manufacturing workforce has come under scrutiny.

Now when The government of United State removed ban from them , the YYY welcomed it and showed a positive response. They showed they were in the process of notifying their US customers and were looking forward to re-establishing supply ties once the import ban is lifted.

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The company firm said that they are fully committed to devoting the  resources, time, and leadership. The need is to make it necessary and to ensure change and supply, we are at the forefront of positive change within our industry

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